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Photohunt: Three


Salmon Wave

This week's Photohunt theme is three. Three is one of those magical numbers when composing a photograph. Composition comes natural to my husband. He has artistic genes. But I struggle.

Besides the rule of thirds, he has taught me to try to look for three items when you compose a picture. It really does work but it doesn't make it any easier for me to see it.

I visited the Ballard Locks for a previous Photohunt and decided to practice my composition using the idea of three. There is a wonderful sculpture on the Magnolia side of the locks called "Salmon Wave". The artist is Paul Sorey. These metallic waves shapes are to represent various sea motifs - sea shells, octopus, whale fins or even sea monsters. They are also lit at night which sounds really cool but I've never seen it at night.

Here are a few more photos

Salmon Wave
Artwork statement

Salmon Wave

Salmon Wave

Salmon Wave

Comments (18)

Love your three, and a great take on the theme.


Waves, of course. :) At first, prior to reading I wondered what the sculptures were about. Love the ones with the shadows.

Beautiful photos~ that is an interesting sculpture. How do they come up with those ideas??

Those are awesome for the three....I have never seen anything like that before and I like how you captured it.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Interesting and beautiful sculptures! They remind me of octopus' tentacles. I bet they look amazing at night.

I've heard of the rule of threes in photography and in home decoration, as in grouping pictures on the wall in 3's.

I love the sculpture and perfect for the three theme.

Thanks for stopping by today. Your pictures are great, and I learned something. I'm new to photography and didn't really know about the rule of "thirds" in composition. It makes sense though. Thanks for sharing!

I think I've seen that (or is it those?) before but at a distance. It's so interesting to see them up close. Your second last picture really captures that sense of movement of waves!


Thanks for stopping by my PhotoHunt today. I am very enthralled by your photos...they are just beautiful!

The Misplaced

great shots! i love looking at the details of this sculpture. beautiful indeed! :)

I really like the 4th picture, where we are looking at the other curls through the curl.


Great photos of interesting sculptures. :)


Fantastic! I love metal sculpture.

Those are really cool. This has been such a fun theme with so many different angles. You've got great shots that fit the theme just right.

Stunning! Would have also worked well for "spiral".

Wow! LOVE the metal sculptures. Fantastic photos and great take on the theme.

This is such a cool sculpture - I like it a lot!

Marvelous! I imagine they would be spectacular when lit up.

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