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Spring Backyard Bird

Backyard Birds
Pileated Woodpeckers

We encourage the birds to visit our backyard. It helps that our backyard borders onto a wetland area. We have lots of large trees including several old snags (dead trees). These snags attract lots of different birds; flocks of crows, stately hawks but best of all a wide variety of woodpeckers.

Right now the flickers are courting. Occasionally we will hear them ratt-tat-tat on the roof as the male is trying to attract a mate. But best of all are the large pileated woodpeckers. They have a brilliant red top and love to come to the snags and inch up the trunk looking for grubs in the bark. They have a wonderful tropical call. Whenever we hear it, we run to get the binoculars to watch them.

The robins have also returned. I can hear them every morning at daybreak. Such a peaceful lovely sound.

Backyard Birds
Trio of robins searching for worms


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