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Vegetable Garden 2010 - #1

Vegetable Garden
Tomato starts

April has been very unpredictable. We had a beautiful February and then suddenly mid-March - we've had a wild ride of weather. Some days beautiful. Other days freezing or torrential hail. It got to a low of 27 degrees on April 9th. Our Magnolia had started to leaf out and many of the leaves are frost damaged. We had several other tender plants burned. We did not cover our lettuce and it survived although the older leaves were stressed. We cut those off. Today it is 70 degrees.

We are hoping that the worst is past. We moved our tomato plants to the unheated greenhouse today. This will harden them and we will move them up to larger pots but keep them in until mid-May. G started some carrot seeds and we may start some radishes. We need to plant them where they will get more water because they typically are pretty pithy due to lack of water.

Our peas are still growing. I'm not certain how well they will do since they got fusarium wilt. They are still green so my fingers are crossed. The lettuce is starting to look pretty good although very small.

Now all we need a little heat.

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I'm glad to see you're posting about your garden again this year! I've been meaning to post for a few weeks now. I've had many weather woes this spring, but some surprising successes too!

Crossing my fingers for you that everything will grow and the weather won't wreak havoc on any of your plants.

We are having very cold weather - a return to winter weather in April is very rare here. Record cold temps in the daytime (for us). Hope it doesn't head your way!

My parents have had a very diverse spring as well. I hope mother nature doesn't cause too many problems in your garden.

Our temps are roller coastering too. We've been close to 90 already and might have some scattered frost this week. I haven't planted my summer crops yet but hope to do it soon. Good luck with your garden!

Barb Cabot:

Looks wonderful. Hope the fruits of your labor are many.


Your garden looks great, Marta, I'm envious. Hope the weather stays mild for you and your plants!

It's so nice to see a garden and I can 'smell' the earth. You know what I mean?
Weather woes in the East - getting itchy to get my hands dirty so planted basil - I think the almost-frost temps got to it. Happy planning and planting!

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