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Photohunt: Addiction


This week's Photohunt theme is addiction. I have a serious addiction to two things; Internet and sweet sugary drinks. Do you call it soda or pop? I call it soda. I grew up in a house where there was always a bottle of soda in the refrigerator. Remember those large 32 oz glass bottles? We used to always have one in the refrigerator and it was so refreshing on the hot summer days. I went away to college and they were cheap drinks so I started drinking even more. But it got really bad when I went to work for a software company which stocked the refrigerators at work with free soda. I was drinking 3-4 a day or more. I used to stack the cans up in my office.

I did this for about 10 years and gained over 20 pounds. In 2000, I made a strong effort and stopped drinking them. It was amazing how I started to lose weight. It was a good motivation to keep me away. I started exercising in and in a couple of years I had lost almost 35 pounds. I've stopped exercising so I've put some of the weight back on but not all. And I've been able to control my urges and not drink soda very often. I did break down recently as you can see from the photo above. But I got really small cans, I have only drank one a day and I don't intend to buy another 6 pack for a while.

The internet... well that is another story. What's your addiction?

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Internet addiction? Not me. I can stop anytime I want. Honest.


There seems to be a big (in numbers) membership to the Internet Addiction Disorder club. Sadly, I spend a lot of time on the internet as well. I am also addicted to diet coke. I actually too many addictions, including chocolates...



i like your own interpretation of addiction , wow i am also addicted to the internet

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I like your shot for this theme. I call soft drinks soda. Happy weekend!

The internet is one of my addictions too.

I am addicted t the internet too, besides coffee.

I didn't quite believe when doctors say about soda. You ae prove they are right. We don't drink much soda in our family, I am still overweight.


I call them soda pop lol :) Great entry for the addiction theme! Thanks for stopping by mine. Happy weekend!

I grew up calling it pop, then ran into too many people who called it soda and ended up calling it soda pop.


I call them "soft drink(s)" -- and I have to confess to being addicted by them too. Have been trying to cut down though -- and do drink a lot more plain water than I used to. But those soft drinks just taste so good! ;S

And this is proof enough isn't it. Nice take on the theme and thanks for dropping by my blog and I hope I see you again soon.

Yes, Internet, soft drink, my new Kindle, reading and my cats.

I can't put the Kindle down, but have the laptop on my lap.

We call it pop in our area. I'm not addicted but do crave it once in awhile.


Good for you for kicking the soft drink habit! The computer is my addiction too, but that's not what I put up on my page.

Good addiction to have - the internet rather than the 'can'! Thanks for your visit.

i've a strong addiction to the net and chocolates but not sweet sugary drinks. happy weekend.

First, congrats on cutting down and losing weight. I know both are not easy to do! Great take on the themes. I wish I was semi-literate on technology, so I admire those who are.

We always called it soda too. I used to drink it everyday too but now, only occasionally. Congrats on cutting back on it!

My addiction is coffee in the morning. Every day.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, great photo and take on this week's addiction theme. I really like those small cans of sodas that they have now. I think it helps to cut down. Congrats to you for cutting down. I also try to limit myself to once a week too. The internet is another story...

Have a great day.

I am lucky that I never liked soda. My mom had 3 or 4 of those huge bottles in the fridge when I was growing up. We called it tonic in Massachusetts/and call it soda here in Hawaii. When I first moved to Colorado and worked at the iHop, I had no clue what my first customer wanted when they said they wanted some pop. What a strange word - although tonic is also pretty strange. Glad you have been able to cut back.

The internet... that is another story. VERY addicted!

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