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Photohunt: Half


Leonard's Malasadas
Half Dozen of Leonard's Malasadas

I definitely had to hunt around to come up with something I wanted to use for half. This is a half dozen Malasadas. Malasadas are yeast donuts that are either rolled in sugar or filled with a custard. These are from the Leonard's truck on Oahu Hawaii. They are a Portuguese tradition and very popular on the Hawaiian Islands. The minimum amount sold is a half-dozen. They are very rich but we had no problems eating the half-dozen!

Leonard's Malasada Truck

Breakfast at the beach

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Seeing those donuts made me miss Krispy Kreme's which used to be available in Hong Kong but, alas, no longer! ;(

In Canada these are filled with jam and called "jam busters". Used to love them when I was a kid. But I like the idea of custard better (such fond memories of eating those famous Portuguese custard tarts in Lisbon).

How can you eat those and be so slim! *envy*

I love this theme because people are coming up with things I never thought about, like "half" dozen. Somehow malasadas sounds more delicious than donuts. Great take on the theme!


that looks yummy ... want some!

Do visit me too!


Ooohhhh those do look delicious!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, great photos and a very yummy take on this week's theme. I miss leonard's malasadas. :)

Have a great weekend.

They looks very sweet and heavenly yummi.
But I think I will resist to have those delicados each day, If you see what I mean;))

Mine here:

That's a great idea for the theme. They look so good I fear that I could eat the whole half dozen myself.


YUMMM! My family LOVE Leonards Malasadas! We or rather I can have Leonards Malasadas for breakfast, lunch or dinner... LOL

I can't think of anything to post for "Half"... no imagination here. :)


They sound fantastic!! wonderful malasadas!!!
Delicious choice for the theme :)

We can get a Polish variety of those around here - filled with custard or plum jam. YUM It would be hard to stop at a half dozen.

that looks absolutely delicious and i don't think i've problems finishing them all.

Very creative take on this theme - those look wonderfully/sinfully delicious!

OOh they look so good. I wonder if he will ship to England!

Love this take on the theme half! And sooo yummy!!!

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