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Photohunt: Monthly


Beach Walk

This week's Photohunt theme is Monthly. This was very hard for me. The items that came to mind I really did not want to blog about (bills or monthly female cycles). But then I got got an idea.

I have been looking up the monthly tide tables for my area. Once or twice a year there will be a period of what we call minus tides. Minus tides are tides below the mean sea level or extremely low tides. At a minus tide, more of the shore is exposed and it can be a great time for a beach walk and exploring tide pools. Here in the Puget Sound I look for a -2 or even better -3 low tides. I like this site because you can quickly see which days will have minus tides.

Last weekend we had several minus tides days with tides around -2.5. I took full advantage of the wonderful weather and went for a walk at Richmond Beach. I usually go south. There was a sailing regatta and the boats floated on the horizon. It can be slippery walking over eel grass and splashing through the puddles but I love the fresh breeze and sea air.

Fortunately, looking at the monthly tide tables for June and July, there are several more minus tides coming up. I'm hoping the weather will be great again.

Minus tide - South of Richmond Beach

Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

Small crab on the eel grass

Always present sea gulls.

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Hi Marta --

*snap* re thinking of bills and periods and not wanting to take photos of either! From there, we went our different ways -- like yours a lot. :)

Ooh Now that is somewhere I coulf spend a lot of time. Great take on the theme


What a fantastic take on the theme and fab photos. The Med offers no tides, I find them fascinating!!

The first thing to come to your mind was the first to come to mine, too. Only. Um. I went with it. :)

Wonderful sequence of shots on the beach. They are all very beautiful. Tides is a great idea for the monthly theme. Happy weekend.

I miss the sea...

I too could only think of bills and female cycles at first! You came up with a great take on the theme. Never heard of minus tides and your photos are awesome. I love that cute crab!

Very informative post. I didn't know there is beyond low tide and high tide. I think I like to walk and walk along the beach when it is minus tide who knows what I will find ^_^. Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend!

Photo Hunt~Monthly

Great take on the theme. My daughter-in-law tells me about the tides on the Oregon coast and we are waiting for some that are supposed to be way on the minus side for some dramatic photos. Thanks for dropping by my blog and I hope I see you again soon.

Great take on the theme!!

Marta, I love the picture of the little crab. It is funny I've never thought of looking up the tide tables, even though I live on the water. I've kind of thought of the water level like the weather, you take what you get!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, beautiful photos and what a creative take on this week's theme. Looks like a lot of people (and their pets) were enjoying the minus tides with you. Love the mountains on the horizon in that one photo and I too love the little crab. The bird was also very cute. Hope you have nice weather on the next minus tides.

Super idea for this week's theme - and very interesting too! I think it's the Bay of Fundy that has the tides similar too --

Good job on the theme - I know it was a hard one.


Very cool, Marta! I don't know much about tides, but I tend to think of them in daily terms. Interesting to think of monthly tides, too!

Very creative take on the theme. Not sure what I would have posted. I am always amazed at how low the tides can be on the mainland after living in Hawaii where the difference is barely noticeable. Great photos!

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