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Ebey's Landing

Ebey Landing Bluff Trail
Vista from bluff above Ebey's Landing on Whidbey Island

We went camping on Memorial Day and stopped at Ebey's Landing on the way. I had heard about the unique flowers that could be found on the bluffs and wanted to explore. Ebey's Landing is a unique micro climate in the center of Whidbey Island. The area is a National Historical Reserve created to preserve the working landscape, historical buildings and natural habitat. I love the windswept prairie that spills onto the rocky beach. We had not explored the bluffs just north which is home to Opuntia fragilis - a prickly pear cactus that is native to the islands of the Puget Sound.

There are two trail heads to the bluff trail. We decided to park at the Prairie Overlook. The first quarter of a mile or so is along a private road next to several houses that overlook the prairie before it turns and runs along the edge of the prairie. I love the spacious vistas and the tall prairie grass. Along with the weathered fences, buildings and fir trees, you almost feel as if you are in Maine. At the bluff, you have a massive vista of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Olympics and the bluffs north and south. We meandered along checking out the flowers. We kept an eye out for the cactus and found one patch near the trail. The trail runs along the edge of the bluff to the top of Perego’s Lake, a small lagoon along the beach. We found a place to sit and have lunch and mulled whether to go back along the bluff or walk along the rocky beach. We decided to go down and walk along the beach. It would have been a great walk except light rain started up and the wind was blowing it towards us. I was not happy.

You continue along the beach until you come to the parking lot and the second trail head. I convinced G to walk back the last 3/4 mile to the car and come pick me up. Fortunately, neither of us got too wet, mainly just a little damp and we dried off before arriving at our campground.

The next day we went over to Fort Casey to see the Admiralty Lighthouse. The weather was cold windy and drizzly. We took a quick walk around the lighthouse before heading back home.

Ebey's Landing is a perfect place to explore. It is also a great hike in the winter or early spring. We will definitely return. Next time we want to also camp at Fort Ebey's State Park.

Reference Links:

Bluff Trail at Ebey's Landing

Ebey Landing Bluff Trail
View at start of trail from Prairie Overlook

Ebey Landing Bluff Trail
Heading to the bluff

Rosa nutkana
Rosa Nutkana was in bloom all along the trail

Ebey Landing Bluff Trail
It feels like Maine and the country of Andrew Wyeth

Ebey Landing Bluff Trail
Across the prairie

Ebey Landing Bluff Trail
On to the bluff

Ebey Landing Bluff Trail
She is still a happy camper here. :)

Ebey Landing Bluff Trail
Windswept forest along the bluff edge

Ebey Landing Bluff Trail
Perego’s Lake

Ebey Landing Bluff Trail
Beach at Ebey's Landing

Admiralty Lighthouse

Admiralty Head Lighthouse

Admiralty Head Lighthouse

Admiralty Head Lighthouse

Admiralty Head Lighthouse
Ebey's Landing bluffs in the distance

Comments (7)

Lovely photos! I think Whidbey Island is just beautiful. I've always wanted to spend some time there.

Is this the only island off the coast? One of my prior workstudy students lived on an island (I thought it was Whidbey)..

Menehune - no. There are several islands in the sound (bay) off of Seattle, The closest islands are Bainbridge and Vashon. Whidbey is father north - closer to Everett. Bainbridge is probably the most populated and just about a 30 minute ferry from downtown island.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, this is such a beautiful location. I love all of your photos. And what a really great place to hike.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Bainbridge - that's it! Mahalo..

Beautiful lighthouse! I don't think I ever went to Whidbey Island while I lived in Washington and it was so close!

Beautiful photos, Martha! Thanks for sharing.

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