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Vegetable Garden 2010 - #3

Vegetable Garden 2010
Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We are still on a 75 degree watch here in Seattle. Today is the current record for the latest day in the year to hit 75. The sun has partially come out but it is not going to break 75. Heck, it ain't hardly going to break 70. We'll definitely break the record.

The picture above was taken on Monday. It was another record - the wettest two-week period in the May-September season ever. We had measurable rain on 13 of the previous 14 days on Monday. It was also an 11 consecutive day rain streak tying another record. It sould be worse; Portland had over 3 inches since the beginning of June. Nearly double the average for the whole month.

But you can tell it is summer; the rain is warm. So are the nights. The garden is lovin' it. The tomatoes are blooming and the Stupice has set fruit. We continue to harvest radishes. The rain has solved the issue we have had in the past with them getting pithy. Our french breakfast radishes have been succulent and not very hot. The Sugar Sprint bush sugar snap peas have pods on them and we may be ready for a harvest soon. The beans have leaved out and the pole beans are starting to twine up. We even have a few raspberries on our new plants.

Forecast is for sun and warmth this weekend. We may finally break 75!

Vegetable Garden 2010
Tomatoes to the first rung of the cages
Vegetable Garden 2010
Our first tomato of 2010
Vegetable Garden 2010
Looking healthy
Vegetable Garden 2010
Yellow pole bean tendril
Vegetable Garden 2010
Bush beans leafing out
Vegetable Garden 2010
Vegetable Garden 2010
Vegetable Garden 2010
Sugar Sprint Sugar Snaps
Vegetable Garden 2010

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Comments (5)

It's looking good, Marta! It's a strange year, isn't it?

I'm always amazed at how fast pole beans grow. It seems like they just show their first leaves and away they go.

Love your LOL cat!

I love your cat too! Your garden looks great. It's a lot hotter here in NC, my spring crops have bolted, and I've already picked and eaten 4 tomatoes. I did have a little set-back. After a torrential rain a few weeks ago, a tree fell on my fence and the deer got into the garden. They didn't wipe me out, thank goodness, but they did some serious pruning of my sunflowers, tomatoes, and beans. Fence is fixed now!

IZ was a great find in your ripening garden:-) Love the name! My cats go into a stupor with katnip!

How frustrating! Nice that you don't have to worry about watering but don't plants also need the sun? At least that is the simplistic rule we teach in preschool & Kindergarten - that plants need both water and sun to grow :) Of course that is probably why all of my plants die! Enjoy your garden. Keeping my fingers crossed for a heat wave!

Your garden is looking good. Hopefully the weather will start to cooperate and give you some warmer days--that aren't too hot!

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