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Photohunt: Six

zucchini olive oil cake

This week's photohunt is six. Hmmm... I used up one of my posts with 6 items for the Half photohunt a couple of weeks ago. I knew I had another post with a half dozen items but I wanted to look around first. I looked for any hiking trail signs that might have 6 miles as a marker. I thought about posting a picture of my niece when she was 6. Or maybe a clock showing 6 o'clock. But no luck.

So back to a picture of a half dozen.... eggs. I took this picture back when a group of us from Slow Travel were cooking recipes from Dolce Italiano. The recipe was for a Zucchini Olive Oil cake. It was delicious. Soon it will be time to bake the cake again.

Have a great weekend everyone.

zucchini olive oil cake

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Do they sell mixed colour eggs?

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, great close - up photo and choice for this week's theme. Your Zucchini Olive Oil cake looks really delicious.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Six of one is half a dozen of the other... ;b

Ann - some of our farmers markets do sell mixed dozens.

TrekCapri - It was tasty. Have a great weekend also.

YTSL - I like that though!

I love the egg photo of SIX--what a great idea!

Who knew a photo of six eggs could be so beautiful!! Great pic!! Mine is up at http://joysandrewards.wordpress.com/2010/06/19/photo-hunter-six/

My mouth is watering just thinking about that cake. Love your photos. Mixed color eggs are so beautiful - my farmer's market sells them too. Have a nice weekend!


What a yummy post! Great take on the 6 theme :)


Love those 6 eggs, perfect angle and depth of field!!

Nice shot!

Have a great weekend.

I think that is a great photo and idea for 6 :-)

Nice take on the theme but that cake looks delicious! Happy weekend

Great idea for the theme and I'll have a piece of that cake. Sounds like something I'd love. Happy weekend.

Great photo and choice for the theme. It took me a long time to find a photo of 6.

the cake looks yummy and nice choice for the theme.

Love the idea of a half dozen eggs. It is so neat to see how everyone interprets the photo hunt theme. Of course, I am now craving that fabulous cake . . . SIGH

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