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Looking out my front window - gloomy june
Looking out my front window - first day of Summer

It is another cold, wet, gray, gloomy, overcast, glum day in June. It is the first full day of summer. Yesterday the high only got to about 55 - 15 degrees below normal! Today's Tacoma newspaper had an article on this year's June weather.

Washington might be the only state where the weather can be about the same on the first day of summer and the first day of winter. The high was 52 degrees at Sea-Tac Airport on Dec. 20. Monday, it’s expected to be a balmy 61, according to the National Weather Service.

I was wondering how 2010 compared with 2008. I remember 2008 as being another dark, cold, gloomy June. It actually was worse. Most of the days before the solstice were averaging closer to 50! June 2010 has been wetter but June 2008 was colder.

But the plants are loving it. Several plants are still in bloom such as peonies. The weeds are going full bore since we have not really wanted to do any weeding in the wet and cold. Fortunately G got out and did a little weeding yesterday to tame the beds in the back. Fruit is ripening in the region. It is the start of our local strawberry harvest. The berries are supposedly very plump. Hopefully the harvest won't be cut short by the rain. Also predicting a good harvest of other berries (raspberry, marionberry and blueberry).

Oh yeah, and officially Seattle is still waiting for the first day of temperatures above 75. We got to 75 degrees at our house on June 12th but so far no official temperatures over 75.

Here is June 2008 compared with June 2010 from Weather Underground.

June 2008 - WeatherUnderground
June 2010 - Weather Underground

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Comments (4)

Your garden is beautiful! Love the foxgloves.

Hope you have at least a few warm summer days ahead.

You do have a lovely garden view :-)

I remember that whenever I would go from New Mexico to Oregon in June, to visit my parents, I would always freeze.
It sounds like your first day of summer is about the same weather as we are having here in Adelaide. I am just glad that the continuous winds have not yet started to blow!

It sounds like the first summer I lived in Washington - 1989. I remember many cold dreary days that summer. I only lasted one more summer after that. Hope it warms up for good soon for you. Your garden does look beautiful!

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