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Photohunt: Open

Tall Ships
Tall Ship Hawaiian Chieftain open for tours

This week's Photohunt theme is "Open". We have two local tall ships here in Washington state. You've probably seen them both. The Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain have starred in several movies from Star Trek to Pirates of the Caribbean. They recently made a stop in Edmonds and they were open for touring.

The weather was overcast and rainy but it was fun to climb aboard and walk the deck. I was surprised at how small the ship was. But it was definitely tall. I loved the rigging and the masts. It was the stuff of fantasy daydreams - sailing the high seas with pirates.

Have a great weekend. BTW, they are currently in Seattle for the July 4th celebration.

Tall Ships

Tall Ships

Tall Ships

Tall Ships

Tall Ships

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Very nice photos -- I particularly like the fourth from the top. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, great photos and a fun take on this week's theme. Loved the movie and looking at the other boats next to it I'm also surprised that it isn't larger than it is too. It looks really cool though and it must've been fun walking the decks...

Have a wonderful weekend.

Looks cold! I'd love to send you some sun!

Love visiting ships like that - I used to work on one!

Great collection of shots. I saw the tall ships in Baltimore Harbor many years ago - very cool.

Hope you have a nice holiday weekend.

I didn't know those ships was in my neighboring state.
I think it would be cool to take a tour of them.

Coffee is on and stop by if you get the chance.


I love the tall ships :) I look forward to when they visit Toronto harbour. Great idea for the theme :)

what a beautiful ship--I would love a tour!

I'd love to go on a tour on a tall ship like that. Too cool.



i like your interpretation for this challenge, looks like a really beautiful ship thanks for sharing.

Those are beautiful boats and what a great idea for the theme. I enjoyed all of the shots and the details like the rigging were great.


These tall ships are fun to explore but can you imagine sailing on them for months at a time.

Happy weekend to you.

I love tall ships! No cannon?

I do love the tall ships!

I love ships like this. What gets me is the shere amount of rope needed to handle the ship. Yu capture that side of things superbly

Wow, that's a lot of ropes and flags. What a fun place to go to :)

I would love to try that one since it is open for tours. Happy Sunday!

Photo Hunt~Open

what a lovely ship and i love the perspective of the last shot.


awesome photos.

Mine's up -- My son, out in the open sea, swimming with the dolphins.

Wonderful photos! Love all the lines and ropes. The newest Pirates of the Caribbean is being filmed here right now (or it just finished). Fun choice :)

I love the series of photos, the top one especially.

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