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Summer time is here

Marina Beach - Edmonds

In Atlantic City or out in Malibu
Or any where between, I'm telling you
When you feel those balmy breezes on your face
Summer time is the best time any place

'Cause it's summer
Summer time is here
Yes it's summer
My time of year
"Summer" - War

Finally! After a long gloomy June, summer has arrived. We have a saying here in the Seattle area that summer doesn't arrive until after July 4th. And right on scheduled, the weather has turned hot. Believe it or not - Sunday July 4th had a high of 59 degrees! Thursday July 8th, it broke records with a high of 87.

I took full advantage of the warmth today. I started the day out with a cup of coffee and my netbook on the deck. Just before noon, I went to the Marina beach in Edmonds. It was not as crowded as I expected but there were many families enjoying the sun. I thought of going in the water but I had no interest after seeing the green slimy algae. So after a bit of sunbathing, I packed up and headed to Yost Pool. It is one of few outdoor pools in the region. The public swim started just before 1pm. It was so refreshing. I don't mind the crowded pool although I could take a little bit less of the pre-teen girls screaming.

I am now back out on the deck. It is currently 87 again but there is a light breeze. I smell a whiff of the citrus herbal smell of the linden tree just starting to bloom. Sinatra is on the iPod singing Summer Wind. Kitty is sprawled out next my chair on the deck. Perfect!

The forecast is for it to cool a bit and become partially cloudy by Sunday. We're thinking of heading to the Washington Coast for to camp. It sounds like it will be pretty cool and overcast in the morning but we're going to give it a shot.

Marina Beach - Edmonds

Marina Beach - Edmonds

Marina Beach - Edmonds

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, I love that song by War...Looks like a beautiful fun day for you. Glad to hear that summery has finally arrived in Washington State. Hope you keep having more good weather.

Those photos are amazingly blue!

Great photos!

I hope your camping on the coast is fun.


Sounds like a glorious day, Marta. The blue of the sky is soooo inviting!

87???? Are people surviving? When I lived there, it seemed once it finally warmed up, the talk was when it would cool down and rain again.

Lucky you! Glad you can finally enjoy some nice warm weather. Love the photos, especially the cool polaroid framing.

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