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Vegetable Garden 2010 - #5

Little leaf Linden - Tilia cordata
Linden Tree blossom

I'm sitting here and the herbal smell of the Tilia tree is wafting in on the warm breeze. Tilia, also known as linden or lime tree, is one of my favorite summer trees. It always reminds me of France. Every small village always had Tilia trees in bloom in early summer. It is also a favorite tisane or herbal tea. It is a little too grassy for me but I do love the scent in soaps. I always will buy one of the French soaps Tilia scented to remind me of summer in Provence. I have a little leaved Linden in bloom at the end of my deck. It always blooms just shortly after the 4th of July.

Summer also arrived and the garden is growing by leaps and bounds. Oregon Star tomatoes are a winner again this year. They have plumped up almost over night and are way bigger than the Stupice. Our Sungold are blooming like crazy and have small toms but nothing turning orange.

The zucchini is going gangs busters. We have already had several harvests. The peas are over. They were very disappointing this year. The green beans are growing by leaps and bound. The bush haricot verts are in bloom so it won't be long now. Several harvest of radishes and lettuces and there are also carrots.

Prime time in the garden. I can't wait for the beans - my favorites.

Vegetable Garden 2010

Vegetable Garden 2010
Oregon Star tomatoes

Vegetable Garden 2010
Sungold blossoms

Vegetable Garden 2010
Sungold zucchini

Vegetable Garden 2010
Our new patio in the sun

Vegetable Garden 2010
Pole beans climbing to the sun

Salvia sclarea - Clary Sage
Clary Sage blossom - I love this flower but it is a noxious weed in many locations

Smelling the wind
Smelling the summer wind

Comments (6)

I am developing such a crush on your cat! That is an adorable face.

Your adirondack chair looks so much like mine--did you build it from a plan or buy it?

I love the looks of your yellow zucchini. I'll have to try to remember that next year.

It sounds like it won't be long until you have tomatoes--I'm loving mine!

Chris - Cassie sends her love. Meow!

There was a company in Seattle a while ago called Cape Cod Comfy. They had chair kits that you could put together. We bought them ages ago. Unfortunately they went out of business a couple of years ago. They are the best chair. We never finished them and then about 7 years ago we decided to paint them. Bad move. I could never get all the algae off for the paint to stick. It has gradually peeled off.

I made some cushions for them recently. I'll post about them soon.

I realize I labeled the zucchini wrong. It is Butterstick.

Love the photo of Cassie. I had to take a double look to see if those were all tomato plants. Besides eat them - do you do anything else with them? Love your recipes.

I bet it is the same chair. We bought the plan for ours at a store on Granby Island in Vancouver. They also sold the chair as a kit, but we were flying and Frank is good at that kind of thing, so the plan was the way for us to go.

Ours is rickety and on its last legs now, but still very comfortable.

I like your weathered paint! My first thought when I saw it was to wonder if I could make mine look like that.

Cassie is so cute! Great photo! Love your garden. Sooo jealous. My basil plant is already dead!

The garden looks great! But I love the last picture the best! What a beauty!

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