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Vegetable Garden 2010 - #6

Vegetable Garden - August 11

I was looking over the vegetable garden posts from last year and we are almost a month behind where we were last year. By August 16th, we had enough tomatoes to can a dozen jars. This year we only have a few Stupice that has ripened. I'm really surprised that none of our Sungolds have ripened yet. They are usually the first. I think they are slightly shaded where they are next to the garage door. Amazing how just the small amount of overhang from the eves will delay them by at least a week.

The zucchini is almost finished but the cucumbers are coming on strong. We have been harvesting our Maxibel bush green beans for about 2 weeks. I love these beans. They come on first and are so tender. They are not as meaty as Blue Lake but good flavor. They do ripen all at once since they are bush beans. Our pole beans are just starting to put on fruit. The first is the golden romano beans. This is the first year that we have planted these so well see how they do. I wanted to grow Goldmarie but couldn't find any seed. We didn't have anything else to order from Territorial so we decided to try an Italian variety. The Blue Lakes are just starting to come on. We also have some yellow wax bush beans and they are just flowering. Nothing yet. We also have some blueberries and strawberries.

Vegetable Garden - August 11

Vegetable Garden - August 11
Pole Green Beans

Vegetable Garden - August 11
Maxibel bush green beans

Vegetable Garden - August 11
Yellow Romano Pole Beans

Vegetable Garden - August 11

Vegetable Garden - August 11
Still green Oregon Star

Vegetable Garden - August 11
Still green Sungold

Vegetable Garden - August 11

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I'm SERIOUSLY envious of those beans--beautiful! This immediately made me question my no-bush-beans decision.

Even with our cool summer (high of 75 yesterday), it's amazing just how different our growing seasons are. My sungolds are past their peak.

Chris, those are the only ones that I have been happy growing. I normally do not like bush beans either but I do like how these produce. They are a little 'mild' not as beany as the Blue Lake but nice in salads or just steamed. I'm taking that bunch to a party tonight - cooked for just 4 minutes and then with a peanut sauce.


Marta, I absolutely love your gardening posts. They are really inspiring!

All of your veggies look beautiful, Marta!

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