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Bound for Maui

Hawaiian Palms

We are going to Maui! G has wanted to see the Silversword that grows in Haleakala . I was looking at airfare a two weeks ago and saw a RT airfare direct to Maui for $309. Yazza! That is good. We knew nothing about Maui - never been there. So I asked a friend for advice on where to stay. She suggested Napili Bay area.

I mentioned the airfare to G and he was very interested. I did a quick search and found these studios at Napili Bay resort. I don't know what came over us but we booked both the air and studio without doing any further research.

I wanted to be on the beach this time. Our previous stay last year in Hawaii was nice but I missed access to the water and the sound of the waves. It is probably going to be really small and the area is pretty touristy but we're prepared. We rented studio #106.

Right now - not much planned beyond a trip up into the crater of Haleakala to see the silversword and a drive around to Hana. Any recommendations?

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I think Napili Bay is a good choice, away from the congested areas. I really enjoyed taking the road around the north end of the island from where you are. At times it seems like the road can't possibly continue, but it really does go all the way through (or at least it did a couple of years ago). You can take the "quick" way back around through Lahaina.

My favorite restaurant for food was The Hali'imaile General Store, but I like the Lahaina restaurants right on the water for sunsets.

I think there's a botanical garden but we've never been to the one on Maui.

Marta: I will be curious to hear of your experience with this condo. Please keep me informed as we are planning to travel there in either March or April for one of Ty's family celebration. Although I've been there many times, we are looking to do this as economically as possible for Maui (I know economical and Maui is a pure juxtaposition.) PS: I've had lunch at The Hali'imaile General Store - loved it. WISH the airfares were that great a deal from the East Coast! Enjoy the planning process.

Menehune - thanks for the recommendation for lunch. I'll add it to our list.

I'll also report back on the condo. There are several available in the building. After our quick rash decision, I did a little bit more research. If you don't want 'beachfront' and 'beachside' will do, you can save even more. Here's another condo in the building and directly from owner. It also has more information about the complex.


I am so excited for you! AND you were able to talk G into going to Hawaii again!! When are you going? Email me if you don't want to put the date in your blog. I have a friend that lives on Maui if you have any specific questions. I have only been there once many many years ago. We saw the sunrise (a must) at Haleakala (very cold even for tourists so dress warm) and then did a day long hike into the crater. AMAZING!! You will love it!!

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