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Meadowdale Park

Meadowdale Park

I am back in training. We want to see the silversword in its native habitat so that means we have to hike down into the crater of Haleakala on Maui. I am not certain yet what hike we plan to do - Sliding Sands or Halemalu'u. Sliding Sands definitely looks to be an easier hike. Both start at the crater edge which is about 8,000 ft and descend about 1500 to 2000 feet into the crater.

I need to get in shape to be able to do the hike so I've started training. I'm starting out rather easy with a local hike - Meadowdale Park.

I normally use this park in the winter since it is a great place to go off season but since it is so close, I am using it as a training hike. It is a 2.2 mile round trip with a 450 elevation gain. It is good to trail to start.

I hiked the trail this week before the weather turned. I loved the filtered light from the alders and the babbling stream. It was a clear crisp day when I reached the beach. The Olympics were in full view. I was intrigued by the two fishermen along the shore where the stream emptied into the sound. The tide was low and the old fishing pier north of the beach was exposed so I walked along the beach. Several Asian women were harvesting seaweed along the rocks. Whidbey Island peaked through the pier blocks under the dock. It was a little spooky hearing the footsteps above.

I meandered back and climbed up along trail of Lund Gulch. It is such a great resource to have such a wonderful open space to explore. Hopefully it will do the trick and get me in shape for Haleakala. Here is a wonderful trip report of the Halemalu'u trail.

Haleakala from 14ers.com

Meadowdale Park
Just leaving the parking lot and starting the decent into Lunds Gulch

Meadowdale Park
Dappled summer sunlight along the trail

Meadowdale Park
Alders climb high above the trail

Meadowdale Park
Sword ferns shadow the trail

Meadowdale Park
Along the rocky beach

Meadowdale Park
Old fishing pier - now a beach camp

Meadowdale Park
Peaking under the pier toward Whidbey Island

Meadowdale Park
Trains rumble by on their way to Canada

Meadowdale Park
Late Summer day along the Puget Sound with the Olympic Mountains in the distance

Meadowdale Park
End of Summer - the chill is in the air

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So pretty! I also need to work on hiking elevations.
Hawaii, yay! Never been, still on my list.

Much luck with your training but the landscape around you will keep you enveloped in beautifulness! Now, I just got a peek at your last entry -- Maui? I'm jealous.

Barb Cabot:

What gorgeous natural beauty. Your stamina amazes me.

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