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Vegetable Garden 2010 - #7

Fall is coming
Fall is coming!

Yes, in fact, I think it is here! The weather usually changes pretty dramatically here after Labor Day. This year it started just before. The clouds have rolled in. They days are gray and wet. The temperatures are just cracking into the 60s. And our vegetable garden is starting to close up for the season.

This has been a very very cool year. Some things did very well. We harvested the last of our lettuce just this week. This is the first year that we have been able to grow lettuce throughout the summer. Yep.. that cool. The beans did very well although the seeds are starting to plump so I may not be able to get fresh beans much longer. But I do love freshly shelled green beans.

The tomatoes have been pitiful. They produced a lot of tomatoes but not a lot are ripening. The rain is causing a few to rot and a few to drop off. G decided to go ahead and harvest all that he could. He is an anxious guy. It doesn't look like enough to really can so I may cook them up and freeze them. I did drop by a local city farm stand to see what was the price of a case of tomatoes. Not too bad. $18 for 25lbs. I may get a box and can them with what I have. Next week's forecast is for more drizzle so I don't think many more will ripen. Anybody have any good recipes for green tomatoes?

September tomatoes
Look how many are still green!

September tomatoes
Stupice was the only one to ripen but very small - at most 3 inches across

September tomatoes
Look at all that are still green!

September tomatoes
September harvest

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Barb Cabot:

As I am not a gardener at all I am so impressed by your harvest. Thank you for posting. I hope you find good use for the green ones on the vine. They are beautiful to look at.

My parents are having the same problem with their tomatoes--the plants are full but they aren't turning. I guess I should probably start looking for some green tomato recipes as well.


We've had the opposite situation--a very hot June and July, so ours were ripening 2-3 weeks ahead of the usual date; but smaller than usual. My grandmother used to make pickled green tomatoes in self-defense because my color-blind grandfather and uncle were always picking them green.

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