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Photohunt: Anniversary


Anniversary at Burroughs
Anniversary Hike at Burroughs Mountain

This week's Photohunt theme is Anniversary. This was very easy for me for two reasons. First, September 12th is my blog's Anniversary. I started blogging on September 12, 2003! I haven't posted consistently but Photohunting has helped. I've done just over 700 posts in seven years. Here's when I celebrated my 5th Blogiversary in 2008.

The second reason is our wedding Anniversary is in September. We have been married 35 years. Wow! It feels just like yesterday. We usually go on a hike on our Anniversary to Mt. Rainier. We haven't made it up there yet because the weather has been cold and rainy. There is a possibility that we may not make it to Sunrise or Burroughs Mt this year. The road to Sunrise will be closing in the evenings in a week and for the season early in October. If not, we will still go up to either Naches or Paradise.

We started the tradition of hiking to celebrate our Anniversary in 2003. We haven't made it every year. We hiked to Burroughs in 2008 and around Naches Peak in 2009. But I thought for Photohunt that I would post pictures from the first year that we did the celebratory anniversary hike - 2003.

We like to start our hike late in the afternoon. We take along our dinner to eat while the sun is setting and hike back in the dark. But the best time is watching the sun go down.

Have a great weekend.

Anniversary at Burroughs
Setting up dinner - shrimp and Greek salad

Anniversary at Burroughs
This year we also carried up a bottle of Champagne

Anniversary at Burroughs
Basking in the glow of the setting sun

Anniversary at Burroughs
Golden end to the day

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You've been married 35 years??? You don't look much older than 35 years!!! :O

Getting outside to a special spot that recharges your soul is a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary! Clearly this must be the secret to a long and happy marriage! *smile*

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, wonderful photos and a great choice for this week's theme. Congrats to you and G on your 35th year Anniversary! I love the idea of your traditional hike. The photos are stunning and you two look so happy and ready for another 35 more years...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Congratulations on both of these anniversaries! I too can't believe you've been married 35 years. That's amazing. An anniversary hike is a nice tradition. :) Love these photos!

beautiful shots. Love the basking in the sun photo! Happy Blogoversity!


35 years?!?! Wow! Congratulations!!!
The anniversary hike is a nice tradition. You look very happy.


I'm with the rest.. 35 yrs?? Thanks for sharing this personal post. Happy Anniversary !

Thanks everyone. Yep 35 years. These pictures are from 7 years ago so that is why we look so young. ;)

Wow! what a great post for this theme and that sunset is amazing :-)


Happy 35th to you both, and may I add, WOW!

wow happy anniversary to you your blog and to your marriage. more power :)

Marta, Double congratulations! And, what super photos. I'll add a WOW too - 35 years is a remarkable accomplishment as well as blogging for 7 years? I bow my head to you:-)

Barb Cabot:

I'm spending my sat. night catching up on your blog. What a great way to celebrate and these are wonderful memories. Love your photo of G looking at the sunset. You make a great couple. Congrats!

Happy Belated Anniversary! 35 years! WOW!!! Congratulations! Love the photos!!

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