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Tomato Puree

Canning 2010 - Tomatoes

Well, the trays of tomatoes ripened up and I had enough home grown tomatoes to can. The Aug/Sept2010 issue of Fine Cooking had a good article on canning tomato puree . I had mostly small little Stupice variety tomatoes that would be a pain to peel and can so I decided to try the puree.

First, I had to buy a food mill. My local general one-stop shopping store did not have them. I looked on the web and Ace Hardware came up so I went over to local Tweedy & Pop Ace Hardware in Shoreline. It was about $30 which was in my price range. I have to admit after using it, I am now wondering if it wouldn't have been better to get the Oxo brand for $50 but it did the job.

I stemmed, washed and chopped the tomatoes - that took a good hour. Then heated them until they were soft. Next I used the food mill to puree them using the smallest plate. The Stupice have very tiny seeds so there was no way that I would remove them unless I used a chinois. I decided to go with the seed.

Next I sterilized the pint jars and brought the puree to a boil. My puree is very watery since the Stupice are not very meaty. But that will be fine - I'll just remember to reduce them when I use them. I made 9 pints. And later in the week another batch should ripen for another half dozen pints. Yea! - after a poor tomato year - I'll be able to get at least a dozen or so pints of tomatoes to use this winter.

Canning 2010 - Tomatoes
Two trays to stem and wash

Canning 2010 - Tomatoes
Chop the tomatoes

Canning 2010 - Tomatoes
Heat until soft

Canning 2010 - Tomatoes
Food Mill

Canning 2010 - Tomatoes
Pureed Tomatoes

Canning 2010 - Tomatoes
Success - 2010 Tomatoes ready for the pantry

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I love your jar photo!

A few years ago, I bought a fancy pants food mill (multiple disks, etc) to replace the old one I bought at a yard sale when I was in college. After trying to use it a few times, I resurrected my old one and sold the new one in a yard sale. Yours looks pretty good, but I've never used one that wasn't a pain with tomatoes.

However, I love OXO products, so I may have to go look at that.

Your finished result looks wonderful!


I have a Foley mill. In all honesty, I hate using the damn thing--I feel like I spend more time scraping out skins than I would have spent blanching and peeling. Feh.

I put up sauce from a crate of heirlooms a few weeks ago, a batch of red and a batch of yellow. Took all afternoon, but so delicious.

Chris and Amy - it is good to know that it is not necessarily the brand. I did a second batch and it worked fine - a pain but did the job. I'm going to check with my mother-in-law who also cans to see what type she uses.

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