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Photohunt: Stripes


Road to Windy Ridge - Mt St Helens
Road Stripes along the way to Mt. St Helens

This week's Photohunt theme is stripes. Another challenging theme. I was thinking about it today and came up with some pretty boring ideas. I was out driving and then the idea came to me... road stripes!

We visited Mt. St. Helens in July. It was a very hot afternoon when we arrived and the parking lot at Windy Ridge was jammed. So we decided to leave and return early the next morning. Plus the light would be better on the mountain.

We got up early - 7am - and headed up. We made it to the parking lot by 8am on Monday. It was almost empty! And a gorgeous day. We decided to walk up the stairs to the overlook. The morning was cool and it was wonderful. We hiked along the ridge for about an hour before we decided to head back to the camp. It was still deserted. Along the way back we stopped to take a picture of some wildflowers and I was able to capture this picture of the road stripes along the deserted road.

Have a great weekend.

Road to Windy Ridge - Mt St Helens
Capturing the wildflowers

Wildflowers at Mt St Helens

Windy Ridge at Mt St Helens
Stripes in the empty parking lot at Windy Ridge - Mt St Helens National Monument

Windy Ridge at Mt St Helens
Even the steps seem like stripes up the hill

Mt St Helens
Vista from the trail (click here to see enlarged photo)

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This week's theme seemed so hard until I saw everyone else's ideas. I love you photo that contrasts the flowers and rocks. It looks like Windy Ridge is a place to enjoy without the crowds. Glad you found some solitude.


Woah -- great pics. And what a well maintained road it is! :)

Wow what beautiful scenery. It's amazing how nature regenerates! Have a great weekend

It's been fun to see all the different takes on this theme. Your photos are breath-taking! I love the perspective in the first one. Have a great weekend.

Nice post on the theme. Well done.


Fantastic sequence of photographs. I'm so glad you showed us this beautiful trip for the stripes theme.


love this post. i'm into roads and roadways and drive by shooting so this set speaks to me.

Marta, These photos are fantastic! They not only follow the theme for stripes but really show off the beauty of Mt St Helens, and Washington State!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, have a happy weekend.

The photo in the header would have worked brilliantly as well! I hope that you have a brilliant weekend.


Fantastic scenery and great shots!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, your photos are all so beautiful and a perfect choice for this week's theme. I love the angle on that first photo too. Lots of strips in that empty parking lot. The wild flowers are really pretty. It definitely pays to be early risers.

Have a great weekend.

Love your choice this week. Great photos! The first one really makes you feel like you are moving down the road. I am finally back (or at least will be trying to blog again - hard once you stop) and went with a road stripes photo also.

Beautiful! I've always wanted to go here after Mt. St. Helens erupted when I was a kid spreading ashes hundreds of miles away.

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