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Photohunt: Orange


Full Moon Maple

This week's Photohunt theme is Orange. Orange is a popular theme. Previously I posted about orange flowers I've found in California and South Africa and just last month about the orange sunsets. Today - I decided to post a picture of the beautiful orange and red Japanese maple that is just off our deck. The colors are gorgeous.

And for your amusement - here are some weird orange carrots that we have harvested from our garden.

Have a great weekend.

Weird Carrots

Weird Carrots

Weird Carrots

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The shot of the fall leaves are beautiful and I really enjoyed checking out the carrot photos. Thanks for sharing them. :)

Those carrots look like little creatures I hope they don't squeal when you cook them :-)

LOL - love the twists and curves on those carrots. Nature can sure produce complex results at times.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, perfect choices for this week's orange theme. Your right those wierd carrot shapes are very amusing. But hey, just as long as they tasted good. :) Have a wonderful weekend.

I loved the carrots. Very amusing. I must say that the leaves really were my favorite for the theme this week.

Beautiful shot of the Japanese maple,they are very colorful right now. Love your carrots, too, looks like they should be set to music, lol. Have a happy weekend.

Yay those carrots are funny!
Huge Pumpkin



thats a nice take on the orange theme....these are the most unusual and quite sexual looking carrots i've ever seen :)


Love the fall leaves!

So how did you grow your carrots to come out with such personalities???? :)

These are pretty weird looking carrots. Nice pics!

Wow, what great pictures! Those carrots are incredibly interesting too!

Did you eat the carrots? I think I might hesitate.

I love the shadings in the leaves.

The maple is gorgeous and I love your weir carrots. Happy weekend.

Those carrots certainly look weird! Hopefully they are tasty despite their odd look :)

the Japanese maple is lovely and love the weird shapes of carrots. perfect take for the theme.

The carrots look like fat ladies with their legs crossed (to me). Love the leaves! we NEVER get leaves!


Those carrots are fantastic for a photo but very hard to peel I would guess.

Happy weeekend to you.

Fun photos. Love the colors of autumn in the leaves. The carrots - funny - look a little ..... evocative:-)

Fun photos. Love the colors of autumn in the leaves. The carrots - funny - look evocative!

Those carrots crack me up! They must be fun to eat :) I also love your leaves photo. Makes me miss New England just a tad.

Those carrots are hilarious! They look more like sea creatures than vegetables. Love the leaves too.

Being a real lover of anything orange, I just LOVED the carrots!

Like Palma, I thought they had their legs crossed.

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