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Photohunt: Juicy



This week's photohunt theme is Juicy. I wasn't certain what I was going to do with this theme. I should have looked ahead and I would have had lots of opportunities to come up with something interesting while we were in Maui. But I didn't. So I looked through my cooking photos.

This year I purchased an ice cream maker. But instead of making ice cream, I have been making sorbet. I started with standard flavors like Lemon and strawberry but then moved to more exotic. I was shopping at my local Asian grocer - 99 Ranch - and saw some dragonfruit. Dragonfruit was my favorite fruit in Malaysia and the fruit is so beautiful to me. I can only find the white variety of Dragonfruit here in the US and it is not as sweet as the ones we had in Malaysia. But I thought it would make a very interesting sorbet.

The basic recipe for sorbet is to take a cup of juice or puree and mix with a cup of simple syrup. Most of the recipes I found called for just a few tablespoons of sugar but I increased it because the ones I had were not that sweet. I cut the dragonfruit and scooped out the pulp and pureed them in a blender. I mixed this with some simple syrup, froze it and voila - Dragonfruit sorbet. It is one of the prettiest sorbets. One thing to note - dragonfruit are *not* very juicy.

Whole dragonfruit


What they look cut in half - kinda like a white kiwi - also tastes similar

Juicing the pulp

The final product along with a couple of scoops of lime sorbet

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Hi Marta --

Interesting that you mentioned that dragonfruit were your favorite fruit in Malaysia. For one thing, this Malaysian first saw dragonfruit outside of Malaysia -- in Hong Kong! But, yeah, dragonfruit has indeed become quite the big deal in Malaysia -- and yes, the ones with the dark pink insides are the ones that are far sweeter than the regular ones with the white insides. :)


So that is what I ate aboard Cathay Pacific Airlines on the way to HongKong two summers ago. I was not sure what the dotted (inside) fruit was.

You are adventurous with your food. How great!

How was the Dragonfruit sorbet?


Blogging introduced me to dragon fruit, never seen one!!
Happy hunting and happy weekend!

What an interesting looking fruit, I have never heard of it before.

I am sure the sorbet was delicious :-)

Interesting - never had dragonfruit - but looking at your photos thought the same thing - kiwi and wondered how it would taste. The sorbet looks delicious. Love this idea of making sorbet. Great take on this week's theme.

YTSL -that is interesting that you did not taste it until HK.

The sorbet was very good. It did not have a strong flavor because the fruit was not that sweet. It is very subtle like a faint kiwi. But I love the crunch of the seeds.

dragonfruis are very atractive. i've been seeing dragonfruit in the market for years before i finally decided to try it. i was a bit disappointed because it wasn't as tasty and sweet as i expected. your sorbet looks delicious!

Wow...dragonfruit...very exotic, indeed. Great shots!

Good to know that the pink ones are sweeter. Whole Foods sells both the white and the pink ones here. Will have to give the pink one a try. Great choice of photos for the theme!

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