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Snow .... and a Blue Moon

First Snow of Winter 2010

November and December are always unpredictable. It always keeps G on edge. When will the first frost happen? How long will it freeze? Will it snow? How many days of rain? The weather forecasters predict a colder and wetter year than normal for the Pacific Northwest. It started today. Snow arrived around 10am but fortunately it did not stick around. It never got warmer than 36 degrees but that was fine. I spent the day cooking.

But tonight, the clouds have parted, the sky is clear and the thermometer is dropping. It is 30 degrees at 7pm. It will probably get down to the mid 20's. But the moon has come out. Tonight is a blue moon. I thought a blue moon is the second full moon in a month but there are actually two definitions. The second definition is the third full moon of a four moon season.

"The Old Farmer’s Almanac defined a Blue Moon as an extra full moon that occurred in a season. One season – winter, spring, fall, summer – typically has three full moons. If a season has four full moons, then the third full moon may be called a Blue Moon."
- What makes November full moon a blue moon?

I have never heard that before. I've only heard the more recent definition of the 2nd full moon in a month. No matter what the definition - it is beautiful.

November Blue Moon

Here's one of my favorite versions of the song "Blue Moon" - Cowboy Junkies

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Kathy (trekcapri):

Hi mart wow snow and 20-30 degree weather already. Summer and fall went so fast this year. Interesting information on the blue moon too. It's supposed to drop to the 30's with a chance of rain and snow. Brrrr

Hopefully it won't get too cold for you all up there but if it does try to stay warm.

Winter - say it isn't so! At least we have, so far, escaped the white flakes in the East Coast. Our weather person defined blue moon the other day -- now I know where the saying comes from .. interesting trivia.


What a stunning photo, Marta! I didn't realize that that was the definition of a Blue Moon, interesting.

I was too lazy to get off my couch to check out the Blue Moon here after reading your post the other night but was treated to it the next morning, full and bright in the morning sky! Thought of you :)

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