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Photohunt: Hard-to-find

Cypripedium montanum

This week's Photohunt theme is hard-to-find. This is another great theme that is open to lots of interpretations. But the first thing that came to my mind was wildflowers. Our hobby is to search out unusual wildflowers. Many of them are hard to find such as the beautiful lady slipper orchid - Cypripedium montanaum - shown above. We had been looking for this flower for many years before a friend told us a spot to find it. It was well hidden - growing beneath the cover of bushes. Once your found it - you could look around and suddenly see many other that were there before your eyes but very hard to find.

Another flower that is hard to find is Lewisia tweedyi shown below. It grows on cliff sides and along certain dirt roads. It is only in the Wenatchee mountain area of the Cascades in Washington state. It blooms for a short period in mid-May but is an another beauty when you find it.

Lewisia Tweedyi

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I love wildflowers -- but haven't got to the point where I hike to places to expressly look for them! Instead, I'm just happy to see them wherever I choose to hike in nature -- something that invariably happens and at all times of the year here in Hong Kong. :)

A beauty for sure! The lady slipper is exquisite - especially with the orchid flower. I always thought the name suited its exotic look. As kids we use to hunt for lady slippers and jack in the pulpits..Thanks for sharing. Great take on this theme which seems well-suited to your hobbies.

Very pretty :-)

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