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New Years Day at the Edmonds Waterfront

Edmonds Ferry

It has been cold - very cold. But we bundled up to take a New Years Day walk. The temperature started at 19 degrees but by noon it was almost up to 32 degrees. Still cold enough for me to put on two layers of thermal underware and a thick sweater.

We headed down to the waterfront to do our usual walk along Sunset Avenue and then along the waterfront by the marina. We had noticed something was going on when we passed by Daphnes. There was quite a crowd several dressed in white robes.

We realized that there was a polar bear swim in Edmonds. We did not know if it had already happened or not. We parked and went on our walk.

The day was crisp and clear. The snow covered Olympics glistened in the distance. The grasses were dusted with white frost. We were returning and almost to the ferry dock when we heard a large cheer. It was 1pm. It must be the plunge.

We rushed to the beach near the ferry dock and it was mostly over. Everyone was milling along the shore and several people were toweling off. A few late comers plunged in screaming the whole way. We noticed several people in white robes with Edmonds Uplift Society embroidered on the back. The Society has been doing the plunge for the past four years and is headquartered at Daphnes - Edmonds Uplife Society. What a fun and crazy idea.

Mt Baker
Mt Baker in the distance

Edmonds Polar Bear Plunge
Taking the Plunge

Edmonds Polar Bear Plunge
Crowd at Brackett's Landing in Edmonds for the Polar Bear Plunge

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Crazy weather - yesterday was so mild here that we went for a walk with a light jacket on - and were warm!

I am always amazed at these Polar Bear folks - I'd likely have a heart attack the second my big toe came into contact with the water. ARGH

Have a great 2011!

Brrrr!!!!! No way would I even be in short sleeves! Crazy people!!

Happy New Year!! :)

Winter has returned to the East Coast too. I chuckled at your entry about the Polar Bears. We have the L Street Brownies, of which my ex-husband was a part. No, he survived the frigid temperatures just not the marriage:o)

Happy New Year! My uncle has done the polar bear swim before (on the Maryland shore)...I am much too much of a wimp!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, Happy New Year! What a wonderful way to start the New Year. Beautiful scenery. I've heard of the Polar Bears but have never seen them in person. It must have been so fun to see them dive in that freezing water. The closest I've come to that is the Cold Plunge pool in our local gym but that's at a toastier temperature I'm sure then what the polar bears are dipping in at Brackett's landing. :)

Thank you so much for sharing your New Year's Day with us. Have a very Happy, Healthy, Safe and fun filled 2011!


Love the crazy people. From a distance.

Thinking it's time for another trip to the Pacific Northwest, Humn...

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