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Photohunt: Machine(s)


Harley Davidson

This week's Photohunt theme is Machine(s). Photohunt is brought to you by TnChick - home of the original photohunt.

I have to admit this was very difficult. It was much more difficult that I thought but I guess I don't take pictures of very many machines - mostly nature. I remember pictures that I took of my late brother-in-law's road machines - Harley Davidson motorcycles. We do not ride but my sister-in-law and her family loves it. Their love of the bikes and how I saw it brought their family together gave me a whole different attitude and outlook on these famous motorcycles. You can tell from the care how much my brother-in-law loved these machines. Ride on!

Have a great weekend everyone - don't forget to turn your clocks forward if you live in the US.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

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Shiny and beautiful machines!! Happy weekend.

I'm not really a machine person either - I understand what you mean about there not being all sorts of pictures of things you don't really appreciate cluttering up your photo files. That being said, you'll pulled some beautiful shots out of the reserves.

Have a super weekend.

I agree with Jerry, these are some great shots for the theme :) Happy weekend!

These are works of art, really! Although I am always tempted to get on one, logic prevails. I do love the idea of feeling the wind through your hair and everything else tho! Great photo picks for this theme.

Well I think you captured the theme very well. These are beautiful photos of some beautiful machines. And I do not ride, :) I have never even been on one!! I am like you, machines are not something I photo, but last summer I was photographing old barns, and I came across some old machinery by one of them, so I took some photos, and used them in a collage I did for a friend. Happy weekend.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, these are very cool photos. You can tell, these bikes are really cared for. Beautiful and a great take on this week's theme.

Thanks for reminding me that it is spring forward...I would've been late meeting my friends tomorrow morning for our hike. :)

Have a great weekend!

Good choice for the theme and great shots of the bikes.

perfect shots for the theme and one of the best entries i've seen today.


Beautiful! Now why did I not think of that? Shame on me! My cousins (by marriage) own the first Harley distributorship and I did not even think of it. Your sis in law and bros family probably know the distributorship: Dudley Perkins Harley Davidson in SF. :)

Great pics, perfect for the theme. I agree that this theme was challenging. And thanks for the reminder about daylight savings time!

Wow! Cool machines :-)

I know lots of people that love their machines, but I don't share their passion--probably because I am not crazy about speed! Thanks for the reminder about the time change since it will affect the time I talk with my Mom.

these are mean machines. i'm not a motorcycle lover but i couldn't help but admire when see these machines.

YUMMY!!!! Love those bikes. Great choice for the theme.

Cool photos!

I know what you mean about machine photos. If I hadn't seen the espresso machines on evening while in Bologna, I probably would not have had anything to post either.

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