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Photohunt: Dusty


Dust at Etosha
Dusty animals on the move at Etosha Namibia

This week's Photohunt theme is Dusty. Photohunt is brought to you by TnChick - home of the original photohunt.

Dust - fine white dust that sifts into everything. That is one of my memories of eight days driving the dusty dirt roads of Namibia. Over 65% of the roads are dirt and you can't avoid them unless you just want to see one or two places.

Our favorite place in Namibia was Etosha. It is a large lake pan that dries up before the rainy season. The animals move from waterhole to waterhole. We would drive around watching for dust clouds on the horizon - a sure sign of a group of animals. Zebras were one of the easiest to spot and the dustiest. But it was also a good way to find elephants since they would often snort dirt up while moving between the waterholes.

Here are a few of the dusty guys we met. I'm also including a road shot since I missed last week. These were all taken in Etosha.

Have a great weekend and hope you are having a lovely spring holiday - Easter or Passover.

Dust at Etosha
Kicking up the dust

Dust at Etosha
Dusty Elephant

Dust at Etosha
Long Dusty Road across the Etosha Pan

Dust at Etosha
Loved the Zebras!

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Great safari photos, Marta! They bring back memories of my own safari experiences in Tanzania and Kenya. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Marta, these are beautiful photos! One of my dream trips is to visit Africa and go on Safari and hope to take photos just like yours. I really love the zebras. :) These are perfect choices for this and last week's theme.

Wishing you a very Happy Spring, Easter Weekend!

A fantastic selection of photos, I almost feel I was there.

Now THAT is something I would like to see for real. I almost grew up in Kenya. When I was 5, my mom applied to work in Kenya or the Arctic (Yeah... Africa OR THE ARCTIC!). She decided to get married again instead, put an ad in the paper, met my step-Dad, and we lived happily ever after. Part of me would have liked to experience life in either of her choices, though I can't say I was at all disappointed by her eventual choice.

Cool - lots of dust there!

I can see why you loved those zebras.

Wow what an adventure. I have to say I really like gariffs but I have real liking to them.
Anyhow I should learn to spell it.

Coffee is on.


Such cool photos. Looks like this was a momentous trip. The photos of the zebras are priceless.

The zebras are gorgeous! I love your collection of pictures.

Wow, these are wonderful. I love the zebras too!

Hope you had a great weekend.

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