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Homemade Tonic Water

Tonic Water
Homemade Tonic Water

I know... this would probably be more appropriate for summer but I recently made tonic water. I have been looking for something to drink during the day and I'm a big fan of soda. But I do not like HFCS. Many of the standard tonic waters like Schweppes and Canadian Dry contain corn syrup instead of cane sugar. You can buy some premium tonic waters but I need something I can drink regularly.

I've been intrigued with the idea of making my own soda. I'd love to have a Sodastream to make my own carbonated water but I hate buying something that I have to get refills.

I came across a recipe recently on Serious Eats. Most of the recipes use cinchonia bark and it turns out a good source of it is a local herbalist - Tenzing Momo.

We visited downtown Seattle this weekend and we made a trip to the Pike Place Market. I just had to get some bark and try it.

What fun! It is great. Just the right amount of bitter and good clean citrus flavors. So easy. I have a jar of it in the fridge that I add to Sparkling water or tap water. Give it a try. Disclaimer: Don't forget that cinchonia bark does contain quinine. See WebMD for potential side effects

Tonic Water
Gather the ingredients - Citrus, Lemongrass, Citric Acid and Cinchonia Bark

Tonic Water
Juice and zest the citrus

Cinchonia Bark
Cinchonia bark

Sliced lemongrass

Tonic Water
The brew - ingredients along with sugar and water

Tonic Water
Final tonic water syrup - looks dark but will lighten when diluted along with carbonated water.

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I'm really interested in your tonic water! That is so cool that you made your own.

We have a Sodastream and LOVE it. I know what you mean about "refills" but the CO2 canisters are easy to either re-order or just pick up around town (Bartells, Bed Bath Beyond, etc).

The amount of plastic bottle waste we eliminated is amazing. We primarily drinnk plain soda water. I'm not a huge fan of the cola/diet cola flavors but the lo-cal tonic is quite good. I haven't tried the berry flavors.

Happy Holidays!

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