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Will it be an early spring?

January along the Edmonds Marina

This has been a very mild winter. Temperatures and rainfall have been average but we have not any major freezes and snow. Winter has really just gotten started but we usually have some significant freezes or long periods of cold but not so far this year.

We went for a walk this morning along the Edmonds waterfront and we were both surprised to see some signs of spring. Witch hazel and camellias were in bloom. I have been seeing camellias since Christmas. It is so different from last year and the witch hazel was not blooming until almost February. But looking back two years - we are right on schedule.

Let's hope it continues to be mild.

January along the Edmonds Marina
Witch Hazel

January along the Edmonds Marina
Camellia trained along the fence

January along the Edmonds Marina

Flag at half mast for Mt. Rainier ranger
Flag at half-mast in memory of the ranger who was killed at Mt. Rainier on New Years Day

January along the Edmonds Marina
USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier arriving in Puget Sound

January along the Edmonds Marina
Dock were the fire occured on Dec 30th

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yes, let's hope~

It's been an unusually mild winter here in NC so far. It's been great to be able to buy veggies at the farmer's market but I'm worried about some of the fruit trees that are blooming way too early.

Your photos are beautiful!


It's been a generally mild winter here in Hong Kong -- and while Hong Kong winters are on the mild side compared to, say, those in Philadelphia and Wisconsin, this winter has thus far been indeed quite a bit warmer than last winter.

Global warming, anyone?

Did you jinx it? I was bemoaning how warm the winter had been around here the other day and hen a deep freeze blew in!

Jerry - I think I did. The snow is here also. I'm kicking myself now for posting this.

I also heard someone said that the Farmer's Almanac said winter would not arrive until mid January. Darn!

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