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January Snow

First Snow in Edmonds WA

Okay... okay... I will take the blame. I should not have written about Spring in my previous post. Yes, I know... I was tempting the Fates and I jinked us. Snow arrived in the Puget Sound area on Saturday. The Arctic cold that had been shy and staying up in the Northern Territories and Alaska decided to spread out and finally swung down to the northern US.

It started on Saturday. We went out for our weekly errands and it started coming down fast and big flaked. Always a sign that it is not that cold. It was so funny at the store. It was suddenly empty - everyone was rushing to get checked out and home. The Civic was fine on the few hills home.

Sunday we had thought about going out to the movies and see "The Artist" but we decided to stay home and we were a couple of couch and internet potatoes. G watched the football games and later we watched the first episode of Downton Abbey. Dinner was a warming sweet potato enchilada casserole.

I have Monday off for Martin Luther King Day (gotta love union contracts). I decided to head out for a walk around the neighborhood. It was surprising quiet for a Monday. The temperature was just above freezing so the streets were slushy but still slick. I watched my balance. Not much going on a few snow ball fights and a couple of interesting snow people. The wind was slightly biting but refreshing.

Here are few pictures from my walk and a tune from Fleet Foxes which were perfect tune for a snowy walk.

First Snow in Edmonds WA
Around the corner - other people were also out for a walk

First Snow in Edmonds
A two headed snowman

First Snow in Edmonds WA
I loved the humor in this snow woman

First Snow in Edmonds WA
Chase Lake which is just behind our house

First Snow in Edmonds WA

First Snow in Edmonds WA
The lake is just barely hardening in a freeze and the ducks were walking on the frozen lake

First Snow in Edmonds WA
Another view of Chase Lake

Here is one of my favorite tunes while out for a walk

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What a crazy year! Steamboat finally got their first big snow today. Love the snowman photos! :)

Forgot to wish you a Happy New Year!!

Those snow people are hilarious! Love your photos, hope you are enjoying the snow.


Marta, love the fotos and the funny snow people. My Vashon friends were here for the weekend, we went for a sunny walk along the beach near Half Moon Bay at lunch, then they returned to snow at home that night. See you soon!!

After hearing the news of the big snowstorm that hit Seattle today, I am thinking you really jinxed it this time! Have fun! Hope you got to get out and take some cool photos.

Wow - you did jinx things didn't you!

I love those snowpeople. :-)

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