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February signs of Spring

Cheerful Primroses

Do I dare talk about Spring again? I asked if it was going to be an early Spring and what happened - we got 8 inches of snow the next week! I’m hesitant but I going to be brave and write the ‘S’ word again.

I have been watching the early bloomers in the garden; the snowdrops, cyclamen and crocus. The snowdrops and cyclamen are right on schedule but the crocuses seem a little behind. Maybe it is because we have not had a sunny day in a couple of weeks. But they are budded and there is promise.

We visited our first nursery at the end of January. Bouquet Banque specializes in cyclamens and had their once a year open house at the end of January. We loved talking with the owners who were very passionate about cyclamens. We have been curious and intrigued with the plants after our trip to Turkey last fall. We only saw one or two of the fall blooming species but were curious to see more. We loved the variety of colors and shapes on the leaves. We purchased a lovely Cyclamen coum with silvery leaves and a dark green Christmas tree pattern on the leaf. G planted it within view of our kitchen window to brighten up the dreary February days.

I also love snowdrops. We had a nice group way in the back of our yard and we moved them to the front. Unfortunately, we planted them too deep and only a few have come back. We found a few more from the far reaches of the garden and moved them into the bed close to the kitchen. We definitely need to get some more varieties and plants.

I did a walkabout in the garden today to see what else is waking up. The crocuses are in bud which has just happened this past week. It will not be long now until they open. The hellebore plants are budded. One or two primroses left over from last year are in bloom and the daffodils are budded. It will be another month until the daffodils open.

G has also been busy in the garden today. He pruned our rose and did some weeding. General cleanup on this cold February day But it won’t be long until we start our vegetable seeds. Come on Spring.

Cyclamen coum
Cyclamen coum - common variety with green leaves

Cyclamen Coum
Cyclamen coum - from Bouquet Banque - a seed variety with silver leaves and dark 'Christmas tree' centers - from the 1988 Cyclamen Society expedition to Turkey

Common Snowdrops - Galanthus nivalis
Common Snowdrops

Helleborus argutifolius buds
Buds of Corsican hellebore - Helleborus argutifolius



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Do you know our daffodils are already blooming! Definitely way early here.

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