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Spring Birding in the backyard

March Backyard Birdlife

I love the birds that visit our garden in the Spring. Today was one of those busy bird days. We had visits from everyone. The Robins have been coming through the yard in packs - cocking their head from side to side listening for worms. Their cousins the varied thrush has been kicking through the bird seed detritus looking for grubs and seeds. The suet cakes have been busy. Mr and Mrs Downy woodpecker have visited several times along with their cousins the Northern Flicker. I had to chase one off twiss yesterday. He kept drilling on the side of the house. We have been really happy to see Mr. and Mrs Mallard Duck fly in the past couple of days. She must be getting ready to lay her eggs. He is so attentive over her but I know once she is one the nest he will leave. And of course, the usual squirrel traffic.

Here's some pictures:

March Backyard Birdlife
Female Downy woodpecker

March Backyard Birdlife
Male Downy woodpecker with his brilliant red head patch

March Backyard Birdlife
Female Northern Flicker

March Backyard Birdlife
Varied Thrush

March Backyard Birdlife
Finches at the feeder

March Backyard Birdlife

March Backyard Birdlife
Male Mallard - on alert

March Backyard Birdlife
Every present Squirrels

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