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Fall Vistors to the Backyard

Fall vistors to the backyard

The forecast has been for rain. Rain is always unusual in Seattle. Typically it is drizzle or showers. Rain in the forecast means it will be a constant heavy downpour. Sometimes the storm comes up from Hawaii and we call them a pineapple express. But this one is coming due west.

We went out to fill the birdfeeds earlier this afternoon. I think the birds knew something is coming. Suddenly we had flocks of different larger birds in the yard. First to arrive were the pine siskins. They swarmed the feeder and gathered below in a feeding frenzy from the dropped seed. We could see other larger flocks of birds and soon the thrushes arrive and started digging through the leaf litter. One or two blue jays flew in. The siskins flew off and were replaced with a red wing black bird - a first for our yard. The startlings in their winter coat also arrived and started for the suet until the Flickers chased them off.

Then the big guy arrived - the pileated woodpecker. All the other birds gave him room while he pounded the suet.

Soon it quieted as the afternoon darkened. The rain is here now. I hope they have stocked up for storm.

Fall vistors to the backyard
She's really waiting for the peanuts

Fall vistors to the backyard
Pine Siskins at the feeder

Fall vistors to the backyard
And gathered below

Fall vistors to the backyard
Blue Jay at the deck feeder

Fall vistors to the backyard
Thrush among the leaf litter

Fall vistors to the backyard
Red Wing Blackbird at the feeder.

Fall vistors to the backyard
Pileated Woodpecker working over the suet

Fall vistors to the backyard
The woodpecker can barely fit on the suet cage

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