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September Harvest Moon

Full moon from Edmonds Pier - September 2011
Sunset at the Edmonds Pier

I have been going through my photos looking for items for our annual Christmas Card and Calendars. I'm a little uninspired this year. G and I have both been sick the past week. It is partially due to our schedule change with me working the evening but we do also traditionally get sick towards the end of October beginning of November. G got sick about a week and half ago and is just now starting to get better. I got sick just about a week ago. I thought I was going to be fine but I went out for a run one cold day and I think that stressed my immune system.

We have been home bound so I have been reviewing photos. I came across these neat photos of the harvest moon rise that I took in September 2011. Did you know that the harvest moon is the moon rise closest to the beginning of Fall or the autumn equinox. It is named Harvest Moon because it usually rises just about at sunset and allowed farmers who were working late in their fields to continue to work and bring in the harvest. It happens between the early part of September and into mid-October. Here is a great article on Harvest moon.

In 2011, the harvest moon occured in September. It was one of those wonderful warm and clear September nights in the Puget Sound region. We raced down to the Edmonds Fishing Pier and I was able to get a series of shots of the moon rising.

Full moon from Edmonds Pier - September 2011
Sunset reflected in the windows of the Ferry

Full moon from Edmonds Pier - September 2011
To the West - the sun is setting

Full moon from Edmonds Pier - September 2011
To the East - the moon is rising

Full moon from Edmonds Pier - September 2011

Full moon from Edmonds Pier - September 2011

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