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Late April in the Garden

Euphorbias along the driveway
Euphorbias along our driveway

Seattle residents fuss over the weather. In the early 90's, we had rather predictable Spring weather. You knew when to plant and what to expect. But recently, you really have not known what to expect each winter and spring. In the past five years, we have had three rather cool, gray, late springs. This year seems to be back to normal. We have already had one or two days get to 70 degrees. Two years ago, it did not get to 70 until late May. There have been more sunny days. I am starting to not wear sweatshirts everyday. Live is good.

And the garden is doing well. The lettuce is hanging in. We had to buy another pack of lettuce because our old seed did not germinate. I scored a bargain by finding a pack of "Nevada" lettuce for 79 cents. It is what we usual grow since it is slow to bolt. Tomatoes are coming along. The potatoes are interesting. The Yukon Gold which were supposed to be early have yet to show any leaves. We dug around and they are there but just not up yet. Carmine, the late red, is showing some plants but the Satina is going gang busters. It is a mid season yellow.

Lots is also blooming in the garden. The winter was also not as cold so many of the less hardy perennials are starting to leaf. Matilija poppy has run and spread around the bed and the stalks from last year have started to leaf out. Our Basjoo Banana did not need to be cut back to the ground and is starting to leaf out. A few items still are tender such as our Chilean Firebush. It is going to have one bloom. Our Echium wildpretti is also doing something strange.

Here are some pictures of the garden taken at the end of April.

First up - our vegetable garden

Leaf Lettuce

Satina Potatoes

Sugar Snap PeasTomato seedings

Next views in the backyard

Shade bed

Rhododendron edgeworthii

Michelia platypetala

Michelia platypetalaHosta Great Expectations
Arisaema griffithiiArisaema ringens

The Front Yard

Front yard

Side bed

Dicentra spectabilis 'Gold Heart'

Columnar appleApple blossom

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Yay, a garden update, my favorite! I hope your garden does well this year. How are your tomatoes doing?


It is still too cool to put the tomatoes out. We have them in our cool greenhouse so they are still protected. I think they are about to go into gallons.

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