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Fairbanks Ice Festival

A friend sent me an email today with these gorgeous "Photos taken and shared from the incredible ice sculptures submitted at the Fairbanks Ice Festival, Fairbanks , Alaska."

I just wanted to share them with you - they are breathtaking!












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Laura (Chachalaca @ Slowtrav):

They are stunning! Thank you for posting them!

I was just in Fairbanks yesterday and didn't know that was going on yet-darn! It was even warmer yesterday. I travel to Fairbanks about once a month for work-usually just for the day. A couple of years ago I decided to visit the area where the sculptures are, and I thought I was going to die from the cold. I didn't have warm enough clothes with me-you have to have extra-warm things there. The sculptures I saw that year were amazing, but what you're posting is way more beautiful than what I saw. I'll have to check out how long they'll last. Thanks for sharing the photos.


Uh oh! I think I may have screwed up!

The friend who sent me the email with the photos didn't actually say this was happening right now, so I think it may have been last year.

I just checked a website for the competition, and it says it happens in March! http://fairbanks-alaska.com/ice-sculptures.htm

So sorry to have misled you.


These are stunning! Makes it seem worth a trip to Alaska in March (brrrr)...


These are amazing photos, Nancy. Thanks for sharing them!

These photos are so definitely breathtaking! I can't even imagine how long it would take to carve one. Thanks so much for posting them! Just discovered your blog :)

Nancy I've meant to comment before. I'm enjoying your blog so much. These photos are particularly magical. You are doing a wonderful job...the food photos too are great. Keep it up, you've got fans out here.

Al McCartan:

Coming from a land downunder where ice is extremely imited - I was awestruck at these wonderful sculpts. Thans for sharing them.

Marc Joel:

Simply Breathtaking! I am left speechless at the sheer artistry and unbounded imagination! Fan Tan Stic!


Beautiful pics, but I should tell you that not all those are from the show in Alaska. Many are from the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan and the Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival in China.

Kelly, thanks for commenting. A friend emailed me the photos and said they were from the Fairbanks Ice Festival, but I have no idea if that was true. Do you recognize them from the other places you mentioned?


Hi Nancy, thanks for sharing these amazing pics. You might also search the net for pics of the ice hotel in Finland (yes totally made of ice and absolutely gorgeous) and they even make these awesome clear ice igloos for couples to stay more privately with a clear vision through the top...like a moonroof....so you can literally sleep under a blanket of stars and see the northern lights.

I am lucky enough to live in Norway now so I too will hopefully see the lights as my husband has in the past. I am from the states so this is a whole new experience for me.
thnks again for sharing :)

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