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Persimmon Pudding

I have had this recipe for more than 30 years. It came from a friend but, for the life of me, I can't remember who. I have made it many times through the years and have always loved it! But see my notes below the recipe.

Persimmon Pudding

Makes 8-12 servings.


6 or 8 large ripe persimmons.
2 C Flour
2 C Sugar
1 teaspoon Soda melted in 1 teaspoon hot water
2 slightly beaten eggs
1 quart Whole Milk
1 Tablespoon melted butter


Pulp the persimmons and run through colander. Could also put in food processor.

Add flour, sugar, soda melted with hot water, and eggs. Mix well.

Add milk and melted butter.

Bake in baking dish for 60-90 minutes at 325 degrees.

Serve either warm or cold with a little whipping cream on top. Flavor is very rich, so small portions are probably enough.

I had not made this for a couple of years, so I had kind of forgotten if I made the whole recipe or only half. This recipe makes a LOT, so I think I must have just made a half recipe in the past.

I intended to use four small baking dishes (5.5 inches, 2 cups), but when I filled them 3/4 full, there was still lots of batter left. So, I got out another baking dish, 7.5 inches and probably 4 cups.

I baked the small dishes for about 1.25 hours and the larger one for 1.5 hours. While they are puffy when they come out of the oven, they deflate rapidly. Don't worry about that! They need to cool off in any case, and I actually like them best cold or at room temperature.

I usually scoop the pudding into serving dishes and top with whipped cream. It is a very rich dish, so a large serving is not required.

Here is the pudding before it went into the oven:

Here are the small puddings just coming out of the oven:

Now don't worry if the pudding comes out this dark - the darker it is (short of actually burning), the more caramel-like it will be:

Last but not least is the pudding in the serving dish:

Comments (4)

Oh, does that look good! I sure wish I could get a bunch of persimmons to try it. You see them in the stores every once in a while, but they're extremely expensive. I'll just have to imagine what this tastes like.


I wish I could have sent you some. My neighbor's tree was just loaded, and they were much larger than usual. A lot of them went to waste when he pruned this week.

Maybe next year - I could pick them when they are still really firm and send them to you, probably at the end of October.

Nancy, This looks so good!

i finally figured out how to put a link to you on my blog!

Everything looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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