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2004 Trip - A Fast Day in London

We arrived at the Royal Garden Hotel (Kensington High Street area). I didn't know what jetlag would feel like, but we were both dragging and decided to sleep for just an hour before we went out. We only had one day in London, so we wanted to make the most of it.

Our first stop was the Kensington Roof Gardens - also on Kensington High St and within walking distance of our hotel. I know you have probably never heard of it, but somehow I discovered their website on the internet, and it sounded very unusual. Here is some history of it by Wikipedia.

The gardens were on the entire 6th floor of the building, with huge trees and wonderful flowers - it was amazing! And, then on the 7th floor was a restaurant named Babylon, where we had a lovely lunch overlooking the gardens. Very peaceful.



Our plan had been to try and see the matinee performance of "Phantom of the Opera" at Her Majestys Theatre where it first started back in 1986. It was getting pretty late, and I didn't think we could make it on time, but we decided to give it a try. The cab driver thought he could make it, and he did. They had tickets available in the front row of the mezzanine, and we got there with five minutes to spare. "Phantom" was great - my very favorite musical - I could watch it again and again!

Next stop the London Eye. This is a fairly recent project by British Airways - located next to the River Thames near the Waterloo tube station. It looks like a big ferris wheel, but each "car" holds 15-20 people. Wow, what a view as you ascend to the top of the wheel. It went very slowly (took about 45 minutes), so you had lots of time to view all of the sights. Lots of people riding - it is quite a popular attraction.



We were pretty tired by then, so decided to take the Tube back to our hotel. The Tube, of course, is the very efficient London subway system. Kind of hungry by then, so we found an Italian restaurant near our hotel and had a nice meal.

Day #3 (Wednesday) was moving day. But, before we left our lovely hotel, we had their wonderful breakfast buffet.


Back to London Gatwick Airport on the Gatwick Express. Only this time was not so pleasant. One of the cars had apparently broken down. Two of the scheduled trains had not run, so our train was completely jammed. The trip which usually takes 30 minutes took more than an hour. Our flight was on EasyJet, which insists on passengers being there 40 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. Well, we barely made it. Then, of course, the flight was 1.5 hours late in leaving.

Not a good start to the day. The next installment of this trip report will begin with our arrival in Barcelona. Stay tuned!

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It looks like you got to visit some nice places on your day in London. When we went to Italy, we flew through London, and it took us a lot longer to get from one airport to the other than expected also. Part of the highway was closed down due to someone having committed suicide and jumping off one of the bridges over the highway. Sad, huh?

What a great idea to take advantage of your transfer in London and stay for a day.

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