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A Busy Week(end)

Busy - yes! But fun too!

As I mentioned several days ago, Bill and I headed up to Paso Robles on Wednesday to do some work at my folks' house and to attend the Slow Travel Saturday night dinner.

Hoochie, our boxer/mastiff dog, went along with us. We had never taken her on a long trip before, and I was a little nervous about it. But, she did beautifully. She slept in the back seat of the car most of the way - and home with Bill in the U-Haul truck yesterday. She was a really good traveler and behaved herself in the Paso house. We may take her with us again! She is a great Slow Traveler!


I listed three items on CraigsList before I left home - my folks' Lincoln Towncar, a piece of furniture, and my Mom's organ. We got lots of calls for the FREE organ - go figure! We had previously tried and tried to donate the organ - to small churches, to a senior center, to anyone who would come and pick it up. So, we did succeed in sending the organ to a good home - a lady who remembered playing the exact same organ at her uncle's house when she was a child.


We also accomplished planting some roses along the driveway and some other green plants bordering the house. It makes the house look much nicer, which will hopefully help sell it later this year.

Our plan is to return to Paso in early May to sell the furniture and get the house ready to list for sale. It has only taken us three years to get to this point!

This is the boring work part of our trip. Stay tuned tomorrow for the fun part - the Slow Travel dinner.

Comments (6)

What at cute dog you have.

Nancy ,this is a beautiful looking organ! Lucky lady!

Barb Cabot:

Nancy, it was so nice to be with you Sat. night. Your sister is wonderful. I had so much fun sitting next to her when we did the slowtrav Bingo questionaire. I am going through the same thing as you with my parents home. You seem to be making headway. That is encouraging for me. Hope to see you soon. Take care.


Thank you, Angie and Candi, for your comments.

Barb, it was great to see you too! Yes, selling our parents' things is sad, kind of the end of an era. I am sure you have experienced the same feelings.


Glad to hear that Hoochie was a good traveler! We have taken Maddie on 2 long road trips - about 13 hrs to Hilton Head (done in 2 days).She did better then we expected!




I guess our pups are capable of more than we give them credit for!

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