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Snowed In - SoCal Style

It had snowed all day yesterday (to my delight) - about 4 inches. When we got up this morning, it was 21 degrees, so everything was frozen. Bill could barely get the front gate open. Our unmaintained private road was so slick that the trash guy tried to drive down the street and just left. It was a snow day - SoCal style!

I know this is a minor weather blip to all of you East Coasters, but it doesn't happen too often here in Southern California. After all, we are only 45 minutes from Palm Springs!




And here is the horse we feed:

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barb cabot:

Nancy, this is incredible. Crazy weather changes all over the world. Be careful walking.

Wow, that's a respectable snowfall. We've had one snow here in NC this winter but I didn't get that much at my house. Have fun being snowed in!


Nancy,that's wild - all we got yesterday was rain and more rain.


Glad that you enjoyed the snow,Nancy. Except for 4" last week, we haven't gotten much snow in Philadelphia so far this winter. That is fine with me!

That's crazy weather for So Cal. That snow is supposed to stay up my way, although I'm very happy to share.


Wow, Nancy! You really got some! Did Hoochie like it?


Palma, yes Hoochie ran around like crazy in the snow. I was surprised!

Wow, that is crazy! Nice pictures though. So was the town in a complete panic? I am guessing, schools must have been closed for at least a week.

Please, don't send any of that stuff my way. My son is getting married in 11 days in an outdoor ceremony.

Love the picture of your husband and Hoochie feeding the horse. No horse blanket?


No school closings, but we still have quite a bit on the ground even though the sun is out.

The horse does have a blanket on - it is blue. Cold and wet don't seem to bother him, though - he stands outside in the rain when he has a barn to go into.

Great shots! I didn't think it could ever snow in southern California so that was surprising. Cute horse!

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