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2006 Trip - Italy - Rome - Ara Pacis

Wednesday 5-10-06

Had breakfast at Hotel Diana (Room rate of 190E included breakfast). It was quite substantial - bacon and eggs, cereal, juices, sweetrolls and, of course, caffe.

We went to the Colosseum to meet the tour guide we had booked but were not able to find him. After emailing him, he later called and explained that there had been some sort of a mixup and our fee was promptly refunded.

We did go thru the Colosseum and bought the Roma Pass there. It included two free entries (we did Colosseum and Ara Pacis) and unlimited free transportation on the Metro (Subway) and buses for 18E.

A bargain, we thought. That is, until Bill was pickpocketed on the jam-packed Metro on our way back from the Ara Pacis Museum. Bill put his hand in his pocket and found another hand there! A young kid - about 16 - fled before the Metro started, with my camera, which was in the bag that Bill was carrying. My fault - I had not zipped up the pocket.

I hated losing the pictures we had taken of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Ara Pacis Museum, but it could have been a lot worse if IDs had been taken. We were both wearing waist wallets under our clothes so nothing much in our pockets but change.

I found some photos of the Ara Pacis Museum online - it was a very interesting place, with the ancient altar combined with the very modern building (lots of disputes in Rome about the building).





Got back to the hotel and had a late lunch down the sreet at a sidewalk cafe - Bar Washington. Bill had a Mixed Antipasto and Spaghetti with Clams. I had Proscuitto and Melone and Lasagne and Tiramisu with a good San Lorenzo Chianti.

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I'm so sad to hear about your stolen camera. Losing the photos must have been heartbreaking.


Hi Nancy, what a shame about losing your camera and all of your holiday photos.

But you have found some lovely shots of the Ara Pacis -- I found it fascinating when I saw it last year.

Argh - how frustrating. We have been lucky that we haven't had any thefts on our trips. It sounds as if you handled it with grace.

So sorry to hear about your theft experience. But I am glad it was not worse.

How horrible that you were pickpocketed. I am glad you didn't lose your passports (I also wear a money belt) but am so sorry you lost your camera and your photos. I would have been heartbroken. I tried to visit the Ara Pacis Museum when I was there in 2007, but it was closed for renovation.

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