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Da Mimmo - Gone but not forgotten

A year has gone by since I lost my beautiful kitty. Meow was her official name (actually her former owners, my next door neighbors, called her Little Meow because of her small "voice"), but we began calling her Mimmo.

I started the Pets Blog in April 2008 with this post.


Although a year has gone by, I still miss her every day. She was always there for me, my best little friend - a port in the storm that life can be sometime.

I also want to remember another beloved pet who died the same week that Mimmo did - Maria I.'s beautiful Coco. Here was what she wrote about Coco.

Coco Remembered

And here is the beautiful remembrance that Maria I. just posted about her Coco.

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Barb Cabot:

I certainly feel your pain and can relate. Our pets are like our children. So very very hard to see them leave. They are part of our families. So sorry for your great loss.

Mimmo was so adorable. And I am sure she will be remembered for a long long time.
So sweet of you to mention Maria's Coco too.
I am so sorry for both of your losses.


It was strange to come home and read this, Nancy. I just had dinner with an old friend and we spent a good deal of time discussing beloved pets who are no longer with us. They are gone,but never forgotten!

Nancy, seeing the photo of Meow gave my heart a tug. I’ve been thinking about you as the end of the month was approaching and I was reliving in my mind last year’s events. I know how much you loved your beautiful girl and how much joy your 'treasured assistant' brought to your life.

Please know that I am forever grateful for reaching out to me when we were both grieving. Your messages were of great comfort to me.
Hugs, María


Thank you all for your sweet comments.

Barb, you are right - our pets are like our children. And not having any children, that was definitely the case.

Maria, I can't tell you how much all of your messages meant to me when we both lost our sweet girls.

I hope someday we will meet in person so I can hug you for real!

Mimmo was so beautiful. It really is like losing a child. I am very sorry for your loss.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Nancy, this is a beautiful post about Mimmo. I just love the photo you posted of her. This is a wonderful post that you wrote in memory of your beautiful Mimmo. I just read Maria's remembrance post about her beautiful Coco where she also mentioned the loss of your beautiful Meow.

I'm sorry that I'm a little late to this very special post. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful memories with us.


Thank you all for your lovely comments. They are very much appreciated.

My sympathy to you. I know how hard it is, no matter how many times I've been through it, it's a pain like no other. Mimmo was a beautiful cat!

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