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I have a confession!

Yes, that's right - I have a confession to make!

When I promised to post every day in February, I thought "How am I going to do that with tax season beginning?" For those of you who don't know, I am a CPA and am basically chained to my desk from about February 1st thru April 15th.

I decided to do February posts about the 2004 Mediterranean cruise we went on, along with the pre-cruise and post-cruise sightseeing we did. Most of the text was written (I had emailed my family and friends), and all of the pictures were in an album on Ofoto. So, it was pretty easy to do.

So, we have now completed our February blogging and March looms ahead. I want to try to continuing posting on a daily basis, but I have to find some subjects that are easy to put together and not too time-consuming.

Sunday Slow Soupers, of course, goes to the middle of April, so that is one day planned.

I may try a few Memes too - I have seen several on other blogs that look interesting.

I may even start blogging on the 2006 trip we took to Italy. Once again, I have the text for most of the entries written from the emails I sent at the time, and my photos are once again on Ofoto (now called the Kodak Gallery).

But, if I miss a day here and there, please forgive me. I will give it my best shot, though - you can count on that!


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Good job! I agree it was fun posting every day. The schedule feature is what helped me-I would type up 3 or even 4 days worth of entries, and schedule them to post. I might blog more often than I did before, but I don't think I'll continue blogging every day.


You are right, Cindy - the scheduling function helped a lot.

When I started doing entries on our 2004 trip, I did about 2 weeks worth at one time and scheduled them.

I am going to try to keep posting every day, but I am not sure how successful I will be.


Do photo hunt! That takes care of every Saturday all year!



I had considered Photo Hunt, but I wasn't sure if I had enough photos to come up with the weekly theme.

Do all photos have to be your own - ones you have actually taken?

Great, Nancy. I had some very easy posts too most times, few I had to spend some time on, me too, I'd like to blog as often as I can, and i enjoyed reading your cruise posts.
And yes, try memes, they are mostly easy.


I also enjoyed blogging everyday,Nancy. I especially enjoyed getting to know people better. I'm going to try and continue blogging most days. The meme's are easy, so give them a try!

I missed half of February due to my son's wedding but I'm looking forward to catching up with your blog and everyone else's. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I loved reading all the comments even if I didn't have the time to post a reply.

I agree about blogging in advance. I do that when I'm going to be away without internet access. I will be doing that when we're on the island in maine this summer!

You did a great job in February . . . I look forward to March.


I finally figured out the scheduling function and did find it useful last month.Sometimes you just have more time than others, rather like making soup in advance, And good luck with tax season, come up for breath now and then.

You did a great job and I'm impressed that you're going to continue trying to post everyday! I am going to aim for 4-5 times per week now.

And about PhotoHunt, yes the photos need to be your own or belong to someone in your family (not photos that you find on the web somewhere but it's okay to use photos that someone you knew took).

Happy March blogging!

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