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ST Readers & Bloggers - Thank you!


Just a little note between my 2006 trip episodes. They will continue on Monday (we have soup tomorrow, of course).

I have been trying to continue with everyday blogging after we finished our February challenge. So far, I have been successful, using old trip notes and photos.

I am a little challenged at this time of year, being a CPA with lots of tax returns to prepare. Hopefully, my 2006 trip episodes will last thru April 15th. Then I will be on my own and will have to be a lot more creative.

Readers, thank you all for sticking around to read my blog. I have really enjoyed doing it and seeing all of your comments.

ST bloggers, thank you for continuing to visit my blog. I may not do as well in visiting your blogs until after April 15th. I also notice that my sidebar has eliminated some of your blog links when the February Bloggers challenge ended. When I get the time, I will figure out how to add all of you back in again. I think having links on other blogs is really important, so I will be happy to have any and all of you listed on my blog!


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Barb Cabot:

Nancy, I've really enjoyed all your efforts, photos, wonderful sharing. This idea of blogging is new to me too but it's been a whole other vehicle for getting to know others like yourself. I find reading and sharing my own experiences to be fun and fulfilling. Thank you for sharing with all of us. It's a lovely blog.

Nancy, thank you! I enjoy reading your blog and am so glad you decided to start it. I have a good friend who is a CPA so I know what the next few weeks will be like. Hang in there!


Nancy, the fact that you have blogged every day is quite impressive!! I only start feeling guilty if I go more than a week. Good going!

I have been enjoying reading you blog, Nancy. And great job ob blogging everyday.


I can imagine how busy you are this time of year. I am impressed that you have managed to keep up with daily blogging! Hope that time passes quickly for you between now & 4/15!

Even though I am late catching up, I am really enjoying reading about your trip. Don't feel guilty if you can't post every day or even if you only post 1 or 2 times a week. Most of us cannot keep up with daily blogging.

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