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10 Years Later - Columbine Tragedy

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Columbine shooting tragedy. I remember that day like it was yesterday - such a senseless atrocious thing to happen to young people with their whole lives ahead of them. Many similar tragedies have happened since then, but I still remember this one.

Wikipedia gives the details.

All of the programs on TV yesterday emphasized the Columbine survivors and how they have moved forward with their lives. I am really glad of that, and I hope with all my heart that it is true. Here is a story of a few of them: Columbine students strive 10 years after massacre.

I guess certain dates just strike a chord with us - April 20th is important to me because it is my birthday.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode - another much different April 20th remembrance.

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I remember it so vividly too. I didn't realize it had been ten years (didn't see any TV yesterday).

And Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Nancy! Thanks for the link to the article. I certainly understand having a birthday on a very sad date. I hope you have a wonderful day today.

My mom's birthday is April 20th. The last birthday she celebrated before she passed away was April 20th, 1999. I remember that day so vividly also. My birthday is on September 11th.


Thank you, ladies, for the birthday wishes!

Girasoli, how sad for you to have a Sept 11th birthday. Much worse than April 20th and Columbine.

I know you are thinking of your Mom today. Hugs.


Happy Birthday Aunt Nancy, from all five Dammanns! We're sending you love today.
XXOO Kathleen Mark Zach Tyler Austin

Happy birthday, Nancy.
And thanks for the links.

Regina Lipsey:

I can't say with certainty that there is any correlation, but I have been told that tragedies have occurred on April 20th (which is also MY birthday) because the perpetrator's strategically planned those events on the date of Hitler's birthday ... you got it, April 20th!

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