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2006 Trip - Italy - Sadness in San Francisco

Tuesday 5-30-06

Our plane left Rome on time for Chicago, and the flight was fine. There was a little bad weather as we landed in Chicago, but nothing terrible. After our two-hour layover in Chicago, we were a little bit late in boarding the plane. But, that is when the big wait began. Although there wasn't any rain at the Chicago airport, there apparently were bad weather warnings all around the area because they weren't letting ANY planes take off.

I am not kidding - we were in a line of at least 30 planes waiting patiently for permission to take off. And this lasted a couple of hours.


So, of course, when we got to San Francisco, we had missed our connecting flight to Palm Springs. We were put on a 7 a.m. flight, and then the question was: what good is it to get a hotel room at midnight if we were only going to get three or four hours sleep before we had to get back to the airport for our early morning flight? We decided not to do that and spent the night at the airport. You cannot imagine how different SFO looks in the middle of the night when it is completely deserted except for a few stragglers like us just waiting for morning to come. It was kind of surreal.

But, we probably wouldn't have slept anyway because we talked to our house/petsitter when we arrived in San Francisco to let him know that we wouldn't be getting home that night and learned that one of our goatboys had died while we were gone. He was sick when we left, but the vet had been by to see him several times to give him shots. I guess he took a bad turn one day, and the petsitter had the vet come over to put him down.

Then there was the dilemma of what to do with his remains. He was a pretty big goat (kind of like a pony), and it was going to cost a couple hundred dollars to have someone come and pick him up, so the petsitter got some guys to help him and dug a very big hole on our property to bury him in. I felt sorry for our petsitter, having to deal with that and make those decisions.

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Some great petsitter! I think that's amazing that everything was taken care of for you.
What a line-up at the airport. The photos says it all, Nancy!

I didn't realize you raised goats. I am sorry you lost one of your goats while you were gone. Fortunately I have never had to stay overnight in an airport (yet...knocking on wood). It must be very different.


We don't really raise goats. We originally "borrowed" them from a neighbor to eat the weeds. They eventually became ours and were kind of like dogs to us - they would come when we called and would play and butt each other. We had them for 15 years.

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