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2006 Trip - Italy - Tuscany - Montalcino to Rome

Another moving day - yuck!

But we stayed in our little apartment until about noon. We had decided to spend the last night before our flight in Rome instead of trying to get there from Tuscany on the train.

So, we drove back to Chiusi to return our rental car and take the train back to Rome. A train ride from hell! I had reserved seats (not in first class though), but the train was pretty full and two guys were sitting in our seats. They refused to move, and Bill couldn't find any conductor to change the situation.

Bill found an empty seat, but our luggage was still right inside the car that we had entered on (next to the bathroom, of course). I was afraid to just leave it there, and there was no room to put it anywhere else, so I stayed there during the entire trip to Rome. Lots of fun.

But we made it and went back to our favorite Hotel Diana to spend the night. Went up to the rooftop terrace, of course, to see our bartender friend, Marco.

Off to the airport in the morning - the last night in Italy is always sad . . .

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Barb Cabot:

I agree, those last nights are always a bit sad for me. Sort of feels like when I was a kid and it was the last night of summer vacation. On the other hand I love the first day of landing in the place you are vacationing....Wheee! Now that feels nice.

I have been on similar nightmare train rides, sitting with my luggage by the bathroom and having someone refuse to move from a seat I have reserved. I always book first class but when the trains are packed, it can become a nightmare.

Good choice though to stay in Rome your last night instead of having to deal with the stress of the train the day you were leaving. Glad you got to be in a favorite place on your last night.

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