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2009 Trip - Italy - Planning, Part 2

After confirming our reservations at Baur Bed & Breakfast, the next task was to find airline flights. I had saved up points on my American Express card for several years, I now had enough points for us to fly business class to Milan. But, having the points and getting the reservations is (as we all know) two different things.

So, I haunted the Continental website (where I could book either Continental or Delta flights) well before the date where I could actually book a flight. I wanted to get a feel for what was available.

When you live on the West Coast, traveling to Europe is an all-day proposition. I am really envious of East Coast travelers who can make a quick trip to London or Paris or Rome for a weekend. How great that must be!

Anyway, my goal was to try to get flights from the West Coast with only one layover. AND I didn't want to fly out of LAX - Ontario is the closest major airport to where we live and much easier to get in and out of.

It turned out that the only itinerary with only one layover was on Delta from ONT to ATL and ATL to MXP. So, after checking every day (several times) for availability, I booked the tickets online. No confirmation, though, so I called Continental to see what the problem was. Long story short, it took several calls, but I got business class tickets on Delta for the outgoing flight but could only get coach seats on Continental on the way home.

That's OK, though, because on the way home, I don't care that much - the vacation is over and I will be depressed anyway, so we might as well sit in coach!

So, flights are booked - Leaving September 2nd and returning home September 22nd. I can't wait!


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Woo hoo, Nancy. Great for you!

Good for you, Nancy! Now the fun part begins...


This is exciting, and 10 days with the Baurs, wow - I am hoping to plan another trip for 2010, and Torino is on that list. Happy for you.

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