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2009 Trip - Italy - Planning, Part 1

Like a lot of you, I started planning this 2009 trip to Italy the minute we returned from the last trip in 2006. In my head, of course, because I didn't dare tell Bill I was ready to travel again to the same country we had just returned from.

Bill is of the opinion that people should travel to places they haven't been before. I believe that, to a certain extent, but when there is a place that you completely fall in love with, you want to return there. And, besides, I wanted to go to a different region of Italy, so it WAS a new location for us.

And that different region was Piedmont! And the ultimate destination there was Baur Bed & Breakfast!

Photo by Karen Mickleson

Several of our Slow Travel bloggers have visited Baur B&B and written glowing reports - particularly Palma and Jerry. They raved so much that I knew we had to visit there. So, this became the centerpiece of our trip planning.

Baur B&B was planning huge renovations during 2009 and, originally, was not planning on opening to guests at all. But, lucky for us, the plans changed slightly, and they decided to open for late summer and early fall months. Our dates were in September, so the trip was ON! This was the first (and most important) reservation that we confirmed. Yeah!

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How exciting for you!

I have friends who think it's crazy to ever return to the same place twice and when I say I'm going back to Venice, they say "again????"

I can understand the mindset of wanting to visit as many different places as you can, but I guess lean towards going into depth with fewer places. But you ARE going to a new region, so that's great!

You're going to have such a wonderful time! We went to Italy in 2006, and I'm dying to go back again also. I'm hoping to convince my husband it's 2010, and I also have to decide which location to visit. Bauer B&B looks just wonderful.


Nancy, this sounds like it will be a wonderful trip, and you will be going to a place you have never visited.I would love to go to Piedmont, but would have to make a stop in Val D'Orcia.

Nancy, woohoo! I am sure you will have great time. Piedmont is on my radar.
Me and Bill are also string believers of following our heart, whether to a new destination, or a place we have been multiple times, we got where our heart is.

I’m so happy to hear that you’ll be spending ten days with Diana. I hope one day to visit Piemonte and experience the fabulous hospitality Diana is famous for.

I love that picture of the B&B!

Barb Cabot:

This is such a magical photo. I'm sure it depicts the fairy tale 10 days you will have there. Can't wait to hear all about your stay. I'm so green with envy!

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