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2009 Trip - Camogli or Portofino?

Last week I posted that while we are in Piemonte in September, we want to visit Camogli. Now I am wondering if it should be Portofino instead. Or if we can visit both towns in one day.

Feedback anyone?

Camogli (as I have previously mentioned) was a stop on a Med cruise we took in 2004, but we only spent two hours there. I would like to see more of it, and I don't want to shortchange it by rushing off to see Portofino too.


We also visted Portofino on the cruise (same stop same day), and it seemed more tourist oriented (very high prices), but it too has its charm. We walked up to the darling little church above the town and enjoyed being away from the tourists.


What to do, what to do?

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May I make it simple for you - spend the day in Camogli.

I think you could easily do both. They are both very small so it is a matter of how much time you want to linger and enjoy each place.

I really enjoyed the Castello Brown museum (quite tiny) in Portofino. You will find it past the church. I did a blog post on Castello Brown. It is a little hike but not too bad. The views are spectacular.

It is much more expensive to eat in Portofino. They do have fabulous gelato though that is reasonable.

I would probably recommend going to Camogli first, having lunch there and then going to Portofino later in the afternoon.


I haven't yet been to either place so can't offer any advice except - have fun, whichever you choose! :) They both sound wonderful.


Thank you all for your comments.

Girasoli, that sounds like a good idea. I am going to check your blog for info on the Castello Brown Museum.


What a dilemma -- your photos of both are beautiful, and I would love to see both!

At least you know that you can't lose!


Definitely Camogli!

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